Interactive art: Public Radio built in The Garage by Boston design studio

Standing 10 feet tall, elegantly sloped along its front face with the soft light of rainbow LEDs glowing behind half inch of frosted acrylic, “Public Radio” is a unique art installation you’ll find at District Hall’s outdoor plaza in the Seaport, Boston’s home for innovation. Turn the metal-rimmed dials to tune to a different station as the corresponding LEDs light….

From plants in the ground to drones in the sky, this Microsoft engineer puts her creativity to work

Microsoft employee Guada Casuso is a tech enthusiast who thrives on creativity, envisioning a future where AI could save the world. She has a knack for bringing others along as she explores new obsessions and possibilities where creativity and technology intersect. Casuso is constantly dreaming up ways to combine her love for agriculture, knowledge in IoT and AI technologies, and….

Project Road Runner uses photo-realistic simulation and deep learning to train autonomous driving algorithms

“Cars take up a lot of space in our lives and in our cities. Most of a car’s lifetime is spent sitting around unused, wasting space. Making cars autonomous means more space in our cities, less accidents on the roads and a cleaner and greener environment. Also, I hate driving.” Aditya Sharma is the lead program manager of Project Road….

In the Microsoft Garage, community “making” sparks curiosity in students

It’s just before 9am on a Monday morning, and the team at Microsoft Vancouver is placing the finishing touches on a room full of circuit boards, laptops and, comically, sunglasses (winter is the rainy season, after all). Moments from now, almost one hundred middle-schoolers will descend on this state-of-the-art-facility for innovation, training, and software development, to rub shoulders with engineers….