Our newest Garage project just might be your favorite lock screen

Favorites Lock Screen, a Microsoft Garage project, is now available for Android in India. Favorites Lock Screen is a lock screen app built around fans and the celebrities and interests they care about. It’s also our fourth lock screen project in as many years. Here’s why we’re fans of the overlap. Curious…Another Lock Screen? Since releasing its first batch of….

Sports Performance Platform crunches data to optimize training for the Seattle Seahawks

DeShawn Shead, a 28-old Seattle Seahawks cornerback, hasn’t been able to play for a year due to a torn ACL and meniscus injury suffered during Seattle’s 36-20 divisional round playoff loss to the Atlanta Falcons in January, but he’s just about ready to head back onto the field. In fact, he’s returned to practice. Technology and science – sports science….

2017 Hackathon team connects with non-profit Yuwa to create mobile app

Devika Mittal, a corporate strategy manager at Microsoft who grew up in New Delhi and now lives in Washington, DC, knew that child trafficking and violence against women in rural areas in India was a growing human-rights crisis. But for a long time, the fate of at-risk Indian girls far away from her, while distressing, was something she felt helpless….

Explore interesting places near and far with Outings, a Microsoft Garage project

Outings, a Microsoft Garage project, helps explorers discover and search for interesting places near and far in a new app for iOS and Android. Whether you’re looking for a fun hike near town or planning your next vacation destination, often the hardest part of travel is just figuring out where to go. Outings makes it easier by presenting inspiration for….