Minecraft now more autism friendly with accessibility features built by Garage Interns

Anyone who has joined an online game knows chat can be a fun, engaging, and useful tool in teaming up, but it can also be an intimidating, cumbersome mechanism to utilize when there are many things on screen vying for your attention. Sometimes you want to turn chat off, mute certain players, or it may be too difficult to read….

New Garage project Digital Marketing Center saves time for SMBs

For small and medium businesses, time is of the essence. Managing a digital marketing presence across social media, search & social advertising, and online listings, can quickly become complex and overwhelming, especially when you have to manage each platform individually. We’re excited to announce an opportunity to try a tool that comes to the rescue: Digital Marketing Center, a Microsoft….

New Garage project Sketch Pal offers advanced, intelligent inking features

It’s that time of year again! And no, we’re not talking about the leaves changing color, pumpkin picking, or deciding on the best pop culture reference to inspire your Halloween costume (The Scoops Ahoy crew from Stranger Things, obviously) for those of us residing in the Pacific Northwest. We’re talking about Inktober, the annual artist community challenge to create a….