New Garage project Digital Marketing Center saves time for SMBs

For small and medium businesses, time is of the essence. Managing a digital marketing presence across social media, search & social advertising, and online listings, can quickly become complex and overwhelming, especially when you have to manage each platform individually. We’re excited to announce an opportunity to try a tool that comes to the rescue: Digital Marketing Center, a Microsoft Garage project. Created by a small team in Microsoft Advertising, this simple, cross-platform solution is powered by artificial intelligence and equips busy small business owners to manage and automatically optimize their digital marketing across Microsoft Advertising, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re a small business interested in trying this project out and providing feedback, we welcome you to request an invitation to join the experiment via a short, online questionnaire.

Digital Marketing Center Image 2Helping small businesses optimize time and grow their business

A small team led by Program Managers Prince Bajracharya and Rosé Dorleans work in Microsoft Advertising supporting SMBs. They observed small businesses having trouble keeping up with the demands of managing digital marketing across all the platforms, with many eventually just giving up on trying to do it all. “SMBs don’t have enough hours in the day, and not being able to focus on their online presence is stifling their growth” shares Prince. “We were inspired to build something that could do the heavy lifting for them.” The team has created a tool that can keep up with the demanding pace of SMB digital marketing and drive more business.

A one-stop shop for managing social media and search & social advertising

The team created Digital Marketing Center with a clear goal in mind: make a tool that saves precious time for SMBs and grow their business. That means a one-stop-shop hub with quick ad campaign setup, automated content and budget optimization, and a simple consolidated social media management experience.

Digital Marketing Center Image 3

Key features

Manage search and social advertising with AI that helps automatically improve your campaign

  • Create campaigns quickly Set advertising goals to help increase online visits, physical visitors, or calls to your business, then define location targets and a daily budget
  • Draft and automate ad content Write a few ads to start, then watch as Digital Marketing Center creates additional ones for you to optimize your campaign performance
  • Optimize your ROI with AI Sit back as the AI behind the tool automatically distributes your budget across platforms to help you get the best return on your investment, no need to monitor yourself
  • Analyze reports Review key metrics like impressions, clicks, and engagement, all in one place

Manage organic social media from one, simple place

  • Create and publish content Draft and schedule content to publish on linked Facebook accounts
  • Interact with your customers Like and reply to comments on posts via your Facebook Page and Instagram business account
  • Analyze reports Review key metrics like impressions, engagements, and audience growth, all in one place

In the first phase of this experiment, Digital Marketing Center equips users to coordinate marketing efforts across Microsoft Advertising, Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. The team is excited to enable additional platforms and features throughout later stages of the experiment in response to feedback.

Sharing lessons learned

The team is excited to learn from early users about their needs as a small business. In addition to reviewing feedback about the Digital Marketing Center solution, the Microsoft Advertising team will compile insights and share best practices that can help partners evolve their platform solutions.

Businesses passionate about saving SMBs time and money in the digital marketing space can request to receive insights gained from this experiment.

Request an invitation to join the experiment or get insights

Digital Marketing Center will be available for trial and feedback with select small businesses. If you’re interested in participating in this experiment you can fill out this short, online questionnaire. For getting early access to the insights, reach out here, and the Digital Marketing Center team will be in touch.