A couple of technicians using HoloLens glasses and A.I. technology to work.

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Attract, train, and retain employees for your next-generation workforce by equipping them with the skills and technologies to drive your transformation into a sustainable energy operator and service provider.

Business process improvement and employee retention

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Transform workflow with employee built Power Apps

Centrica has set up a Power Apps Center of Excellence (CoE) for business users to create IT-compliant workflow and scheduling applications, dropping the time-to-market for these apps from months to days.

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Create a modern workplace

Total improves mobility and employee and partner collaboration using Office 365 and Teams to meet high demands for a digital workplace – connecting 20,000 employees.

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Address the skills gap with mixed reality training

Honeywell engineers used Azure and HoloLens to create a groundbreaking training solution for customers to upskill new workers to maintain complex equipment faster and more efficiently.

Access expertise anywhere

Chevron is using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Hololens to give operators access to an expert with the ability to perform remote inspections that reduce travel costs while improving safety.

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