Learn how you can promote citizen well-being and enhance your public health and social services

Learn how public health organizations are innovating in new ways to meet their mission and serve citizens better


Outdoor setting with a healthcare worker showing a gentleman in a wheelchair a tablet device in an outdoor setting

California Department of Social Services

Move from paper to digital services to give mobile employees instant access to case files and shorten processing time for service requests.

Child reaching for an apple assisted by a food service worker

Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness

Enable modern data collection to help address homelessness in the community.

Multiple children with teacher seated on a classroom floor all with tablet devices

Administration for Children’s Services

Cut reporting time in half, increase morale, and better serve the nearly 50,000 social work cases received annually.

Healthcare worker wearing a mask using a display in a surgical room environment

Administration for Children’s Services

Fix fragmented data sources to improve the quality of health and service delivery for patients.

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