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Bing Maps API Features Overview

A brief look at the API functionality developers can integrate in their apps using the Bing Maps platform, including geolocation, location data, and spatial analytics tools. When you’re ready to start building, create a key to get started, or contact our team to learn more about enterprise-level licensing.

Intelligent Mapping


Location Data

Bing Maps API Features Overview

The Bing Maps platform offers developers some of the highest resolution maps available, with resolutions up to 30cm/pixel and worldwide coverage. We use high quality location data to provide popular features like Bird’s Eye imagery for coverage from multiple angles, as well as StreetSide, a true to life navigation experience that puts virtual users on the ground.

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Map Styles

The Bing Maps platform offers versatile API integration features, including a high degree of customizability. Developers can create apps that use geolocation data even when offline, so users and logistics personnel can navigate even in rough conditions or without connectivity.

Customizable map styles include high-resolution 3D mapping for enterprise-level planning and logistics solutions. A static map service allows embedding of maps in emails and other locations where you just don’t need an interactive map.

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Smart Geomapping

Bing Maps API Features Overview

Geocoding and reverse geocoding features allow users to turn addresses and coordinates into actual locations on the Earth’s surface. Bing Maps enables businesses to efficiently geocode at larger scales to optimize itineraries automatically and in conjunction with the Isochrone API.

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Why Bing Maps:

Enterprise-grade Support
24/7 enterprise-level service and support at no additional charge, 99.9% guaranteed uptime and a dedicated Technical Solutions Specialist who can assist in answering in-depth development questions.

Developer Tools
Easy to use API and Services that often take less code and time to develop application solutions.

Multiple Browser and Device Support
The Bing Maps platform is fully supported on all major browsers and mobile devices. Higher pixel density imagery can be automatically enabled when loading a map on a higher-resolution screen.

Imagery and Mapping API
Bing Maps partners with best-in-class data providers to provide stunning imagery, world-class maps and access control solutions.

Multiple Culture Support
Bing Maps provides support for more than 100 languages and cultures, and many of these can also be used to change the labels on the maps.

Strong Developer Community
Bing Maps has a strong developer community who have built excellent tools that can be used to enhance the functionality of Bing Maps.

Developing with Bing Maps API


Data Management

The Bing Maps API platform offers access to an extensive and accurate set of geographic boundary information with the GeoData API. Developers can use this API to create apps using geolocation data to reflect accurate boundaries for states, cities, counties, and even zip codes. Such data can be used in the backend for analysis. Integration of an Ordnance Survey (OS) map layer is a rare mapping platform feature that allows for unmatched mapping accuracy.

Bing Maps’ Spatial Data Services cut down on development times by hosting a large amount of critical location data that developers can reference and actively integrate in their platforms with REST API services. Thanks to this service, it’s easy to execute common queries like routing and local searches. Bing Maps also supports a number of popular spatial file formats like GeoJSON, CSV, ESRI Shapefiles, and more.

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Routing is easy with an API that intelligently creates faster and safer routes by considering historical traffic data while integrating useful features like Snap To Road. Users can calculate directions for various modes of travel including walking, driving, or by public transit.

Real-time traffic data that updates every 15 minutes and reflects on an interactive map makes geolocation hassle-free while still keeping users updated about road closures and other incidents.


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Reporting and Analytics

Bing Maps boosts business intelligence by allowing organizations to see more and do even more with their data than ever before. Data visualization tools like heatmaps, pushpins, and clustering along with integration with the MS Office suite and SharePoint means that the Bing Maps platform can interface easily with other applications to provide meaningful data. Exporting maps for reports is easy and makes for a powerful visualization tool.

On top of everything else, the Bing Maps platform is incredibly easy to use thanks to a design that expands on basic concepts that build into advanced ones. Developers always have access to a strong base of resources for any questions they might have during development, along with a support team.

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Bing Maps API Features Overview

Service and Support

Enterprise Support

Whether it’s managing geolocation data or API platform integration, Bing Maps for Enterprise provides all enterprise customers a dedicated support team to assist them with any issues they might face. This includes 24/7 phone and email support during EU and North America business hours.

Uptime and Service Level Agreement

Enterprise customers are entitled to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees an uptime of 99.9% for all Bing Maps APIs and services.

Multiple Culture Support

Bing Maps supports over 100 languages and cultures, and developers can customize map styles and data to match a particular culture.

Solutions from Microsoft

Bing Maps API works seamlessly with in-built integration out of the box with most Microsoft products, usually at no additional cost. Customers can use mapping functionality in key Microsoft products like: Excel, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Power BI, and so much more.

Contact sales to learn more about the Enterprise license and how you can start scaling up your organization with mapping today.

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Bing Maps API Features Overview