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Bing Maps for Enterprise is deprecated and will be retired.
  • Enterprise account customers can continue to use Bing Maps for Enterprise services until June 30th, 2028.
  • Free (Basic) account customers can continue to use Bing Maps for Enterprise services until June 30th, 2025.
  • To avoid service disruptions, all implementations using Bing Maps for Enterprise REST APIs and SDKs will need to be updated to use Azure Maps by the retirement date.
  • For migration documentation, see Bing Maps Migration Overview.
  • For more details on the retirement, see the Bing Maps Blog.

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Looking for help with your Bing Maps License? Our Bing Maps API specialists are ready to help you. Whether you are looking to migrate to Azure Maps,  renew your license or move to an enterprise license our specialists are here to help.

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Please submit technical support related questions to the Bing Maps Forum.


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