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Migrating to Azure Maps

Migrating to Azure Maps can be quick and easy. We have put together resources to help with migration. This guide aims to streamline your migration process by providing a step-by-step guide on how to move your mapping solutions to Azure Maps.


If you don't have an Azure subscription, you can create a free Azure Account before you begin moving to Azure Maps.

Create a Free Azure Subscription

Create an Azure subscription by following the step-by-step instructions on this page.

Create an Azure Maps Account

Log into your Azure subscription using the Azure portal and create a new Azure Maps Account resource.

Get an Azure Maps Subscription Key

Once your Azure Maps account is created, retrieve the subscription key that enables you to use the Azure Maps services.

Need Help?

We have prepared a few videos to help you get started with Azure Maps. You can also access resources to help with your migration including documentation, startup guides, and code samples below.

What is Azure Maps?

In this video, we provide you with a quick overview of the capabilities and benefits of Azure Maps for your application.

Azure Maps for Developers

In this video, we guide you through the application-building process with examples.


Azure Code Samples

Code Samples

If you’re in a rush to get started, our collection of over 200 code samples can prove handy. Build out your geospatial solution seamlessly with a positive developer experience.

Azure forums and support

Azure Maps Support

In a bind with your Azure Maps development journey? Help is here. Explore quickstarts, how-to guides, tutorials, and API reference documentation to get started easily.

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Azure Maps Quick Start Guides

Our quick start guides are there to help you to get your use case up and running quickly with detailed examples and explanations on using Azure Maps APIs.

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Azure Maps Tech Community

Need more feedback for your Azure Maps migration? Reach out to the Azure community and get support from Microsoft engineers and community experts.

Migrating to Azure Maps from Bing Maps for Enterprise

Moving your applications to Azure Maps means you get all the benefits of being on Azure to accelerate your innovation. Azure has security, compliance, and privacy, meaning you can focus on building and scaling your applications with REST APIs for Maps, Search, Routing, Traffic, Time Zones, Geofencing, Map Data and Weather Data.

Compare APIs and SDKs

Take inventory of what Bing Maps APIs and SDKs and services your application is using and verify that Azure Maps provides alternative services for you to migrate to.

Get Ready

Complete the prerequisite steps outlined above (Create an Azure Subscription, Azure Maps Account, and Get a Subscription Key) before starting your migration.

Migrate Your Code

Migrate your application code and find support through the Azure Maps developer forums or one of the many Azure support options.

Test and Deploy

Test your code to ensure that everything has ported over and is working correctly. Deploy your migrated application to production.

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Ready to Migrate your Bing Maps APIs?

Everything you need to get started with your migration is here.

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Build it with Azure Maps

a bird’s eye view of a sprawling city

Data and Insights

Leverage Azure Data services to process and analyze large volumes of spatial data to derive actionable insights giving your applications the analysis you need to build better applications.

indoor maps displayed on laptop

Indoor Mapping

Create compelling experiences quickly with accurate indoor maps from CAD files. Easily customize and render maps to match any use case. Indoor mapping and wayfinding has never been easier.

Azure search and routing

Location Services

Locate addresses, places, and points of interest around the globe. Geolocate IP addresses or use geocoding to convert addresses to coordinates or GPS coordinates to addresses.

cars speeding by on a busy highway

Routing and Traffic

Migrate to Azure Maps and get the best routes for everything from deliveries to road trips with advanced routing algorithms with real-time traffic conditions for efficient planning and optimization.

Frequently asked questions

  • Azure Maps is a next-generation cloud service that offers you unmatched worldwide geospatial mapping. Our services are an asset to any developer, business owner, or enterprise looking to integrate precise location intelligence into their solutions and deliver superlative user experiences. See outstanding performance and 24/7 support from a Microsoft service. You can start building for free when you migrate to Azure Maps.

  • If you’ve decided to move to Azure Maps, ensure you have the prerequisites in place. Create a free Azure account and add an instance of Azure Maps to it. Retrieve a subscription key to query the relevant map APIs. Once this is in place, you’re ready to begin migrating your application code from your current platform to Azure Maps. Review the details on this page for more information or reach out to us for support.

  • Yes. Azure Maps has unique features as well as advanced Azure-built security, privacy and compliance benefits that Bing Maps does not have. Also, Azure Maps is a consumption-based pay-as-you-go pricing, which does not require a minimum transactions tier purchase or an upfront monetary or licensing duration commitment. Azure Maps can be used to consume Azure credits purchased through your Microsoft Customer Agreement (via Volume Licensing, from your Cloud Solution Provider reseller, or directly through your Azure account.

  • Migrating from Google Maps to Azure Maps is easy. The latter offers robust support for many of the features on Google Maps, including SDKs, REST APIs, and services such as Geocoding, Geolocation, Places Search, Places Details, Timezone, Street View, Map URLs, and more. Review the information on this page for a list of comparisons or contact us for direct support.

  • There is a plethora of support available to help you migrate to Azure Maps. Review the information on this page to see the level of support offered by Azure Maps for similar services from Bing Maps and Google Maps. Explore Azure Maps documentation as well as our code samples to get a head start on your development journey. You can source feedback from the Azure community or simply reach out to us for direct support 24/7.

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Azure Maps

Advanced mapping features for your applications.