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Location Services

Location data to power your applications.

Azure Maps locations services power a range of customer facing and backend applications providing geocoding, geolocation in single or batch requests.

80% of business data has a location component.

Our comprehensive suite of features empowers you to integrate dynamic and precise location-based functionalities seamlessly into your solutions. From geocoding to routing, mapping to spatial analysis, Azure Maps equips you with the tools you need to enhance user experiences and drive business efficiency.

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Precision and scalability

Leverage high-quality location data to ensure accurate geocoding, routing, and mapping for your applications and seamlessly scale your applications to accommodate growing user bases and data volumes without sacrificing performance.

Helicopter cockpit view of a city below.

Limitless flexibility

Optimize routes and streamline workflows with real-time traffic data, reducing travel times and enhancing productivity with customized maps and location-based services and functionalities to suit your specific business needs and user preferences.

People walking in a busy transportation station.

Insights that give you the edge

Gain valuable insights from spatial data analysis to make informed decisions and drive strategic initiatives, helping you stay ahead of the curve with access to cutting-edge features and continuous updates that enhance the capabilities of your applications.

Location Services

Azure Maps enriches your business data to generate new insights for your business.
Visualize buildings, terrain, and natural features in stunning detail, offering users a compelling perspective on their environment.


With the help of the Search service, developers can search for addresses, places, and business listings by name, category, and other geographic information. Latitude and longitude provided by the location services Search can also be used as parameter values with Route, Weather, and other Azure Maps services.

using search within mapping application


Azure Maps’ geocoding services allows you to look up and convert addresses to latitude/longitude and vice versa. It also allows you to search for the geographic outline of an area, such as a city or country region. The results of a search can be applied in a variety of use cases and combined with other Azure mapping services.

working with geocoding data in maps


Azure Maps geolocation services allows you to resolve the IP addresses from a range of mobile and fixed internet traffic sources to determine the ISO country code of that IP traffic. This enables the localization of services and content for your applications.

adding geolocation data inside maps application

More features from Azure Maps

an aerial view of a city

Data and Insights

Leverage Azure Data services to process and analyze large volumes of spatial data to derive actionable insights giving your applications the analysis you need to build better applications.

indoor maps displayed on laptop

Indoor Mapping

Create compelling experiences quickly with accurate indoor maps from CAD files. Easily customize and render maps to match any use case. Indoor mapping and wayfinding has never been easier.

team using map on Surface device

Mapping and Visualization

Azure Maps lets you visualize your data on a variety of map styles. Bring your own data from multiple sources to power your decision making.

driver using directions in map application

Routes and Directions

Azure Maps offers routing for cars, trucks, and pedestrians, helping you find efficient routes that take into account traffic and local restrictions.

Getting Started Guide

Sign up / sign in to the Azure Portal and start building today.

Technical Documentation

Explore quickstarts, how-to-guides, tutorials, and API reference documentation.

Coding Samples

Visit the Azure Maps web control sample gallery to browse code samples.

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Azure Maps

Advanced mapping and visualization for your applications.

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