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Map APIs from Microsoft

Powerful suite of map APIs that transform your business operations with location data.

Build compelling functionality including asset tracking, vehicle routing, map creation, geolocation, and more into your mobile and web-based apps.

The Microsoft advantage

No matter your line of business, Microsoft's Maps platforms offer a solution tailor-made to your needs. Take advantage of Azure Maps to build secure, compliant solutions or leverage Bing Maps for Enterprises reliable and predictable billing.

Azure Maps

Azure Maps offers a wide range of features and capabilities that enable developers and businesses to build location-based applications and services.

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Azure Maps provides robust map APIs including Route APIs for trip planning, Search APIs for geocoding and point-of-interest searches, and Traffic APIs, providing rich mapping, search, routing, and traffic capabilities designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing Azure solutions. Leverage the power of highly accurate, real-time geographical data to make smarter decisions and enhance your applications.

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Seamlessly integrate Azure Maps into your existing Azure ecosystem. Our platform is designed for compatibility, enabling you to connect with a range of Azure services like Azure IoT, Azure Active Directory, and more. With minimal coding required, you can effortlessly enhance your applications with powerful mapping and spatial analytics capabilities.

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Designed to grow with your business, Azure Maps offers unparalleled scalability. Whether you're managing a handful of vehicles or a fleet of thousands, our services scale to meet your needs. Experience consistent performance and reliability as your user base expands, ensuring your geospatial services keep pace with your growth.

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Security and Compliance

Azure Maps prioritizes your security and compliance needs. Our platform adheres to stringent security and compliance standards, ensuring your data is protected with the most advanced security measures available. With compliance certifications across various regions and industries, you can trust Azure Maps to safeguard your sensitive location data.

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Developer Friendly

Developers love Azure Maps for its ease of use and flexibility. Our comprehensive APIs and SDKs are designed with developers in mind, offering extensive documentation and sample codes to kickstart your projects. Streamline your development process with Azure Maps and bring your geospatial applications to life faster than ever.

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Get the most value out of your geospatial investments with Azure Maps. Our cost-effective pricing model ensures you only pay for what you use, with no hidden fees. Benefit from competitive pricing options that fit your budget, whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise. With Azure Maps, advanced mapping capabilities are more accessible and affordable than ever.

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When to choose Azure Maps


Azure Maps cloud based location APIs offer seamless integration with other Azure services, making it a natural choice to extend your existing Azure applications.


Azure’s scalability combined with Azure Maps pay as you go pricing makes it a great choice for any business startup, developer, or large corporation.


Azure Maps APIs extensive documentation of REST APIs offer the flexibility of multiple programming languages and environments.

Other Use Cases for Microsoft Maps

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Developer Incentive Program

Get $200 in free credits and premium tech support to kickstart your project.

Customer Stories

Microsoft Maps APIs are helping customers achieve more. Discover the change they've been able to affect in their businesses and their communities.

Azure Maps in Power BI

Visualize location data, build spatial insight experiences, and automatically analyze new information so that your enterprise has the chance to easily control and integrate any maps experience.

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Why choose Microsoft for mapping

Gain access to a robust suite of tools and services that empower you to make smarter decisions, optimize operations, and deliver exceptional user experiences.

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See how Axpo uses Microsoft Maps

“We can speed up processes tremendously with Cognitive Search, Azure Maps, and Power BI embedded in Insights. That means better quality power at lower costs because we don’t have to spend half of our time trying to locate the asset information.”

— Johannes Manser: Head of BI and Analytics

A world of possibilities


Microsoft Maps leverages Advanced AI and comprehensive datasets to offer precise location data and routing.


Looking to optimize operations? Microsoft Power BI platform with your location data and a Microsoft Map delivers actionable insights tailored to your specific needs.


Easy-to-use map APIs and SDKs allow you to integrate Microsoft Maps into your solutions across platforms and devices.

Frequently asked questions

  • Azure Maps is a powerful set of cloud-based geospatial services offered within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. This developer offering provides Azure customers a pay-as-you-go option for access to Microsoft map APIs they can use to build intelligent location-enabled and map-based global cloud experiences.

  • Bing Maps is a consumer experience offered at and powers the location awareness within Bing Search. Bing Maps for Enterprise is a Microsoft-powered mapping platform based on the same tools that create the Bing Maps consumer experience. As it is designed to power Bing, it is designed to handle workloads for large-scale, globally-distributed enterprises.

  • Any industry or application that can improve user experience with location data stands to benefit from Microsoft’s maps and location services. This includes everything from global shipping and delivery operations to location finders and gaming apps. Remember that a picture is worth 100 words? What about a picture that shows you where everything you need to know about is located? That’s a treasure map, matey!

  • You can integrate location services into your application using an Application Programming Interface (API).

  • Microsoft maps and related products or services all offer the highest level of security and scalability for your applications. Get built-in compliance and the support of over 3,500 security experts, dedicated to data security and privacy. Microsoft runs on Trust and spends over $1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development to support that trust.

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Enterprise Location Services from Microsoft

Navigate the Future

Integrate high-quality maps, generate actionable insights, and transform your operations with our powerful location tools. Discover a world of possibilities with Microsoft Maps platforms, where every journey leads to innovation.