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AI Assisted Mapping

With Bing Maps, our AI-assisted mapping capabilities provides you with the most up-to-date building footprint data yet.

Microsoft Building Footprints

Microsoft has made significant investments in deep learning, computer vision and AI that have been applied to mapping. Over the past few years, Bing Maps has generated high-quality building footprints leveraging AI and harnessing the power of computer vision to identify map features at scale.

To achieve this, we rely on the Open Source CNTK Unified Toolkit which was developed by Microsoft. Using CNTK we apply our Deep Neural Networks and the ResNet34 with RefineNet up-sampling layers to detect building footprints from Bing imagery. Ensuring the best outputs, we remove noise and suspicious data, such as false positives, from the predictions. Then, apply a polygonization algorithm to detect building edges and angles to create a proper building footprint.

With the goal to increase the coverage of building footprint data available as open data for OpenStreetMap and humanitarian efforts, we have released millions of building footprints as open data available to download free of charge.

Open Data

United States

Using the approach outlined above, the Bing Maps and Microsoft Maps & Geospatial teams extracted 124,885,597 footprints in the United States.

Open Data


Collaborating with Statistics Canada, we have delivered 12,663,475 footprints across all Canadian Provinces and Territories, open for download, and usable for research, analysis, and OpenStreetMap.

Open Data

Uganda and Tanzania

Under Microsoft’s AI for Humanitarian Action program, together, Bing Maps and Microsoft Philanthropies are partnering with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) community on an initiative to bring AI Assistance as a resource in open map building. Bing Maps released 17 million country-wide open building footprints datasets in Uganda (7 million) and Tanzania (11 million).

Bing Maps for Enterprise

Building Footprints

Create a building footprint map with Bing Maps. Our AI-assisted mapping capabilities provides you with the most up-to-date building footprint data yet.