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What is independent publishing?

Avoid the hassle of shopping your book around to publishing houses. Publish your book independently and understand the benefits it provides for your as an author.

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What are literary tropes?

Engage your audience with literary tropes. Learn about different types of literary tropes, like metaphors and oxymorons, to elevate your writing.


What are genre tropes?

Your favorite genres are filled with unifying tropes that can define them or are meant to be subverted.


How to save up money for an apartment

Learn how to save up and budget for an apartment before you sign a lease.

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How AI can help you understand different types of mortgages

Learning about different types of mortgages and how they work is easier to understand when you use AI tools.


How to understand and find variable expenses using AI budgeting tools

Using AI budgeting tools is an easy way to learn about variable expenses so you can include them in your budget.


How to create an inspirational PowerPoint presentation

Boost your presentation skills by learning how to inspire and captivate your audience.

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How to create an educational presentation

Use PowerPoint to create dynamic and engaging presentations that foster effective learning.


Five tips for choosing the right PowerPoint template

Choose an appropriate PowerPoint template to elevate your presentation’s storytelling. Consider time length, audience and other presentation elements when selecting a template.


How to run an effective project kickoff meeting

Learn what a project kickoff meeting is and how you can run one.

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Eight corporate buzzwords you need to know

Learn corporate buzzwords with this guide to office slang.


What is macromanagement?

Macromanagement stands in stark contrast to micromanagement. See how it focuses on providing a broader perspective through trust and progress.


What Is a Pig Butchering Scam?

Protect yourself from becoming the next victim of the pig-butchering scam, a scheme that involves cryptocurrency and building trust.

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Student loan forgiveness scams: What they are and how to avoid them

Prevent scammers from taking advantage of your student loan debt. Learn about student loan forgiveness scams and how to avoid them.


What is bluesnarfing?

Employ best digital safety and security devices to prevent cyberattacks on your devices. Learn what bluesnarfing is and how your Bluetooth devices can become susceptible to cyberattacks.


How cloud-based projects in OneDrive bring the Waltons together

The powerful collaboration potential of Microsoft 365 allows Bruce Wailton and his family to embark on projects inside and outside the household.

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How Femke Cornelissen approaches motherhood with Microsoft tools

Working mother of two and co-founder of Dutch Women in Tech, Femke Cornelissen balances a lot. See how this mom makes time for a little bit of everything.


The Akram-Hussain family: Tracking testing success with Excel

Spreadsheets and treats don’t often go together, but when it comes to charting their kids’ test-taking successes, the Akram-Hussain family use Excel to boost self-esteem and give rewards.


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