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Build custom floor plans

Develop clear and professional design plans for your home, office workspace, HVAC plan, and more with scalable templates and floor plan designer tools.

Design floor plans simply, share them easily

Easily create professional-looking floor plans and blueprints with Microsoft Visio.

  • Plan ahead with a digital floor plan

    Simplify the design process by creating a visualization of your ideal space before work begins. Start with a premade floor plan template, then add doors, windows, electrical outlets, and other essential details—problem-solving and refining your design as you go.

  • Collaborate with other stakeholders

    Share your designs with architects, designers, and contractors to get closer to making your vision a reality. Export files as a link, PDF, image, or computer-aided design (CAD) drawing—and resize, change scale, or save locked layers to prevent unwanted changes.

  • Perfect your floor plan as you go

    Coauthor and coedit your floor plan by capturing real-time feedback from collaborators. Save multiple versions of the same file and store layers for easy comparison. Or, if you need to work fast, work collaboratively on a drawing at the same time.

  • Add resources to create context

    Include all the necessary information by linking any shape in your floor plan layout to an Excel spreadsheet or other documentation. Or combine Power BI with Visio to build charts and dashboards that can help you understand complex data sets, align with KPI measures, and track your goals.

Simplify the complex

People all over the world—from architects to educators—use Microsoft Visio to problem-solve and visualize what’s next.

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What to look for in a floor plan creator

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Simple, easy-to-use program

To get the best results, you need a floor plan creator that is intuitive and simple to use—whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourself expert. Look for a user-friendly program that comes with built-in templates and makes it easy to resize, rescale, and revise your design.

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Broad selection of shapes and symbols

The best floor plans accurately depict what the finished space will look like. Choose a program that provides a broad selection of shapes and symbols, so you can document all the important details in one place—from the location of electrical outlets to where you’ll place your sofa.

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Made for sharing and collaboration

Because architectural design is so collaborative, it is important that the tool you choose be cross-functional. Look for a floor plan creator that allows you to export files as a link, PDF, image, or computer-aided design (CAD) drawing—and gives you the flexibility to lock layers as necessary.

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How the Microsoft Visio floor plan creator works

A floor plan is a graphic representation of a blueprint. The purpose of a floor plan is to visualize what a space will look like once it’s complete.

Beginning your project with a well-designed floor plan—complete with HVAC elements, electrical symbols, and other technical details—makes it easier to solve layout issues, collaborate with builders and interior designers, and align with stakeholders before everything is set in stone.

Microsoft Visio is a diagraming tool that makes it easy to create floor plans, engineering designs, and more. To begin, choose a floor plan template that meets your needs, then lay out and scale objects to your liking.

Floor plan examples and other diagrams

Microsoft Visio comes with dozens of templates to help you create blueprints and floor plans for any project—big or small, residential or commercial. 

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Office layouts

A professional floor plan can shorten the timeline for building plan development from weeks to minutes. The Office Layout template in Visio provides a visual overview of an office space, complete with shapes for office accessories, office equipment, office furniture, walls, doors, windows, and more. This template can be used to customize single offices or diagram several office spaces at once.

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Residential plans

Visualize your dream property with a house plan. Microsoft Visio has two templates for creating residential floor plans: the Home Plan and the Kitchen Plan. Both templates include shapes for appliances, cabinets, architectural dimensioning, electrical and telecom, annotations—and even furniture. Customize as you go to problem-solve layout issues and visualize the best possible space for your future.

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HVAC diagrams

Visio has three templates for creating HVAC diagrams and drawings—the HVAC Plan, the HVAC Control Logic, and the Reflected Ceiling Plan. These templates can be used to create annotated diagrams for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and distribution, and refrigeration systems for automated building control, environmental control, and energy systems. And they’re totally customizable.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Floor plan software is a technical tool used by both professionals and amateurs to visually depict what a space will look like before building commences.

    A popular solution for creating floor plans, blueprints, and other diagrams is Microsoft Visio—a diagramming tool with a broad selection of floor plan templates and an extensive collection of symbols.

  • Microsoft Visio comes with a number of features that make creating a floor plan, diagram, or blueprint truly simple, including:

    • Professional floor plan templates for both interior residential, commercial, and exterior projects
    • An extensive library of shapes and symbols
    • Built-in common scales and the ability to define a custom scale (and change it at any time)
    • Ability to add, remove, and lock layers
    • Options for collaboration and sharing
    • Ability to export designs as a PDF, PNG, SVG, or CAD drawing
    • Integrations with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, and more
  • To get the best results from your floor plan creator, look for a tool that is user-friendly, supports continual customization, and allows for easy collaboration with stakeholders both inside and outside your team.

  • Visio enables you to accurately visualize an interior or exterior space. To begin, select a starting template that reflects your vision, customize the size and shape of the space, draw walls and place corners, add architectural features, and customize the placement of doors and windows, major appliances, furniture, and more.

    Once you’re finished customizing, insert your design directly into a document, spreadsheet, or presentation, or share the file with collaborators to get external insights.

    If you need additional assistance, explore how-to guides and tutorials on the Visio Support page or get in touch with Microsoft Support directly.

  • Visio is a diagraming tool that makes it easy to intuitively create floor plans, engineering designs, and more. Visit the Microsoft Support page to access the most popular templates and sample diagrams available in Visio. Or, to see the complete library of templates and sample diagrams available, open a template in the Visio desktop app or in Visio for the web.

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