Floor plans

Build custom floor plans

Easily design an office workspace, home, HVAC system, and much more with accurate, scalable digital templates and floor plan designer tools.

Design simply, share easily. Get the latest Visio apps on the web and your desktop, and 2 GB of cloud storage on OneDrive for Business with Visio Plan 2, our most powerful diagramming suite yet.

Person using a pen to edit a Visio diagram on a tablet screen.

Simplify the design process by creating an online blueprint

Find premade floor plan templates and thousands of shapes and symbols, including doors, windows, electrical outlets, and more. Create a customized plan, then refine it in a few steps.

Collaborate with external designers, architects, and stakeholders

Share your floor plan as a link, PDF, image, or computer-aided design (CAD) drawing file. Import CAD drawings* and resize, change scale, or save as a locked layer to prevent unwanted changes.


* Available with Visio Plan 2.

Two people work together while one of them uses a pen and tablet.
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Save time and resources by getting it right the first time

Coauthor* and coedit your floor plan with colleagues for instant feedback. Make comments in real time and save multiple versions or layers for easy comparison.

* To work on a drawing at the same time, all authors on Windows need Visio Plan 2 and must be using the Visio desktop app.

Tell a deeper story with links to data

Make sure all the necessary information is included. Link from any shape in your floor plan layout to an Excel spreadsheet or other data store.

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Gain deeper insights with Power BI integration

Seamlessly integrate your floor plan diagram with Power BI tools*. Automatically pair it with associated data analyses to get the big picture. 

* Power BI is sold separately.

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