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Microsoft Visio Viewer

See any Visio diagram for free

View, explore, and comment on Visio diagrams, even if you don’t have a Visio license.

A person using a pen to add comments to a Visio diagram open in a web browser on a tablet.

Open Visio files in any browser with Microsoft 365

Sign in to Microsoft 365 to see your colleagues’ diagrams without a Visio license. Open Visio files stored on OneDrive in any web browser and share your comments directly in a diagram.

Easily collaborate on Visio files in Microsoft Teams

All team members can view, comment, and share powerful Visio diagrams in Teams, with or without a Visio license.

Person viewing a Visio diagram in Teams on a laptop.
Person sitting in chair viewing a Visio diagram on a tablet.

View Visio diagrams on your phone or tablet

Access the files you need, anytime, anywhere. If the files are stored online, you can open and view them from any device, including iPhone or iPad. To view files offline, just download the Visio Viewer web app.

Download Visio Viewer to see diagrams made in Visio for Desktop

Use Visio Viewer to view or print files for free without an on-premise version of Visio installed. 

A laptop displaying a professional diagram in Visio

Ready for Visio?

Explore helpful resources for Visio

Best practices in Visio

Collaborate effectively using Visio and Microsoft Teams.

Office support

View drawings with Visio Viewer.

Do more with Visio

Create, edit, and share your own professional diagrams.

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