Catherine Zeta-Jones

Actress, Director

9/25/1969 (53 years old) Swansea, Wales

This multitalented, raven-haired Welsh performer was just a child when she began her career as the title character in the stage musical Annie. Zeta-Jones starred in a number of other London stage productions before segueing to the small and big screens in the early 1990s, and  eventually became a star stateside when she signed on as a seductress in 1998's The Mask of Zorro. Her curvy figure, exotic looks and sassy screen presence made her an instant sex symbol. She continued to appear in high-profile films, alternating easily among multiple genres — action (Entrapment), comedy (America's Sweethearts), drama (Traffic, costarring her future husband Michael Douglas) — before landing her career-defining role as a 1930s cabaret singer-cum-murderess in the musical Chicago. Her song-and-dance background came in handy for the part, and she took home the 2003 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her efforts. Off screen, Zeta-Jones made headlines when she announced she was pregnant with Michael Douglas' child in 2000; the two married a few months after the birth of their son and later added a daughter to their family in 2003. Interestingly, Zeta-Jones and Douglas share the same birthday, although Douglas is 25 years her senior.

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