Debrah Farentino


9/30/1961 (57 years old) Lucas Valley, California, United States

Primarily a small-screen player, this former model proved her versatility by starring in an impressive string of critically lauded if short-lived series (EZ Streets, Equal Justice, Hooperman). A looker who radiated confidence and intelligence, Farentino started out on the '80s daytime soap Capitol under her maiden name but changed her moniker when she tied the knot with second husband, actor James Farentino, who was 21 years older than she was. (Unfortunately the highly publicized marriage didn't last much longer than most of her series.) She made a strong impression as the leader of a band of space pioneers in the cult show Earth 2 and as David Caruso's sultry love interest on the first season of NYPD Blue. Her work on the latter introduced her to hubby No. 3, series producer-director Gregory Hoblit. In 2006, Farentino landed her most high-profile role to date, as a sexy psychotherapist on the sci-fi series Eureka. Farentino has also pursued the sciences off screen, studying for a degree in molecular biology in her spare time.

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