Demi Moore

Actress, Director, Writer

11/11/1962 (58 years old) Roswell, New Mexico, United States

Demi Moore started her career as a model before landing a role on the daytime soap General Hospital in 1982. After tackling a handful of supporting film roles, she gained mainstream attention as a gorgeous coke-addled college grad in 1985's St. Elmo's Fire. She and the rest of the hot young cast---including her then-fiancé, Emilio Estevez---became collectively known as the Brat Pack. However, as the '80s wore on, many of the other members faded into obscurity while Moore's star continued to rise with a string of blockbusters (Ghost, A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal) and a high-profile marriage to megastar Bruce Willis. She became Hollywood's highest-paid actress in 1996, earning over $12 million to showcase her incredible body in Striptease. The following year Moore took a long hiatus from the big screen, during which her marriage to Willis fizzled. In 2003 the spotlight hit her once again when she signed on as a villainess in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and went public with her relationship with actor Ashton Kutcher, 15 years her junior. Although the movie failed to take off, her romance with Kutcher did and they married in 2005. In 2010, the couple launched the Demi & Ashton Foundation (DNA), which aims to eliminate child sex slavery worldwide and rehabilitate victims.

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