Diane Lane


1/22/1965 (56 years old) New York, New York, United States

An enduring performer who started out on stage as a child actress in the '70s, Lane landed movie roles while still a teen. Although she appeared in a number of high-profile films (Rumblefish, The Outsiders), her career stalled after a couple of bad choices, including turning down the mermaid role in Splash but signing on to the less successful Streets of Fire and The Cotton Club, both in 1984. She returned to showbiz in 1987, yet for the next 15 years she toiled away in substandard parts or projects, aside from a few notable roles such as her Emmy-nominated turn as a prostitute in the 1989 miniseries Lonesome Dove. Then her steamy performance as a suburban mom embroiled in an affair in 2002's Unfaithful deservedly earned her rave reviews as well as Golden Globe and Oscar nods. After three decades in entertainment, she had finally arrived on the A-list.

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