Eamonn Walker


6/12/1962 (58 years old) London, England

An imposing, Britain-born player who initially set out to be a dancer, Walker turned to acting after an injury sidelined his career. In the '90s, he appeared on numerous TV series in his homeland before coming to prominence Stateside and earning a CableACE Award as a simultaneously sympathetic and scary Muslim leader on the HBO prison series Oz. During his tenure, Walker embodied the equally complex title character in a celebrated, modern-day small-screen adaptation of Othello. Although he occasionally popped up on the big screen, TV remained his primary medium, and in 2006 he landed the plum role of a high-powered attorney on Justice.

  • His father was from Grenada; his mother was from Trinidad; he was raised in North London.
  • Was inspired to pursue a career in the arts at age 9 after seeing Sidney Poitier in 1967's In the Heat of the Night.
  • Studied social work at the University of North London, but switched concentration to dance, and later joined London's Explosive Dance Theatre Company; a leg operation forced him to give up dancing for acting.
  • Made professional acting debut in 1983's Labelled With Love, a musical based on the songs of British pop band Squeeze.