Katrin Cartlidge



Mike Leigh's Naked(1993) was the film that put gifted British actress Katrin Cartlidge on the international film map; she won European Actress of the Year and the European Press Prize honors for her work. She trained at the Royal Court Youth Theatre and had worked in London and Edinburgh fringe theater before entering film. Primarily a working British stage actress, Cartlidge once again wowed critics with her role as a nurse in Lars von Trier's Breaking the Waves (1996) followed by a lead in Mike Leigh's Career Girls in 1997. Averaging about two movie per years moving into the new millennium, Cartlidge continued to collaborate with Leigh on such films as Topsy Turvey (1999) while gaining increasing mainstream exposure as an ill-fated prostitute in the Hughes Brothers thriller From Hell (2001). The millennial turnover found the talented actress also appearing in such well-regarded indies as Kathryn Bigelow's The Weight of Water (2000) and Danis Tanovic's comic take on the Bosnia/Serbia conflict, No Man's Land (2001). On September 7, 2002, Katrin Cartlidge died of complications of pneumonia and septicemia in London. She was 41.