Kirsten Dunst

Actress, Director

4/30/1982 (39 years old) Point Pleasant, New Jersey, United States

By the time this pretty, porcelain-skinned actress essayed her breakthrough role as a tween bloodsucker in Interview with the Vampire at age 11, she was already a veteran of the entertainment industry. At age 3 Dunst began appearing in commercials and by the early '90s she was landing small parts on television and the big screen. Her captivating performance as a woman trapped in a child's body in 1994's Vampire proved that she was more than just a precocious youngster. As she grew up in front of the cameras, she effortlessly alternated between kid-oriented fare (Jumanji) and edgier projects, such as her recurring role as a troubled teen on ER. In the early '00s, Dunst blossomed into a young adult capable of tackling myriad genres, including comedy (Bring It On), drama (Crazy/Beautiful, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and action (Spider-Man). As the webbed superhero's love interest, Dunst became a star and fashion plate, frequently pictured in celebrity magazines, often alongside boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. The Hollywood couple parted amicably in 2004, and Dunst remained at the top of her game with a number of high-profile activities, including two Spider-Man sequels and activities in support of voting, and AIDs research. Dunst also provided heightened awareness of the importance of treatment for depression in 2008 when she acknowledged her own battles with it, going public, as she told E!, because "depression...should not be gossiped about."

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