Kristin Kreuk


12/30/1982 (38 years old) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Few actors are lucky enough to have one hit TV series, but Kreuk had the good fortune — and the talent — to land two, both filmed in her hometown of Vancouver. This raven-haired beauty got her start in 2000 while still a high-school senior, when she responded to a casting call for the Canadian teen soap Edgemont. The very next year, she became a superstar on Smallville. Her good looks and easygoing sophistication kept her in demand, and somehow Kreuk managed to film both shows simultaneously, until 2005 when Edgemont ended. She continued to star in Smallville until 2009, when Kreuk decided that she was interested in moving on to new projects after eight seasons of portraying character Lana Lang. Since then, she's starred as the title character in the video-game adaptation Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li and made guest appearances on the NBC series Chuck.  Off screen, Kreuk is one of the cocreators of the Web site, which helps teenage girls collaborate on projects and build self-esteem.

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