Ralph Ineson

Actor, Director

Fans of British television will have little difficulty placing English actor Ralph Ineson. He scored massive popularity on the hit BBC series The Office as Chris Finch, a sociopathically obnoxious sales rep whose antics consisted of insulting and belittling nearly everyone in sight to puff himself up. The part was somewhat indicative of Ineson's typecast, not from the standpoint of obnoxious characters, but from the standpoint of aggression; time and again, he came to specialize in playing dominant, outspoken, Type A personalities. A native of Yorkshire, Ineson signed for roles in a myriad of BBC telemovies and series (notably the iconic programs The Bill and Coronation Street), displaying equal adroitness for riotous comedy and straight-faced drama. Many American viewers experienced Ineson for the first time courtesy of his fine supporting work in the features First Knight (1995) and From Hell (2001). In 2007, Ineson scored a highly visible turn as Harry Marber, a member of Scotland Yard's armed response unit, in the feature thriller Shoot on Sight.