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Microsoft Translator for Adobe Experience Manager

The next generation of Adobe® Experience Manager (AEM) delivers machine translation features and functionality to enable you to extend the reach of your created content, increase time to market for content, optimize costs, and increase discoverability by users through Search Engine Optimization resulting in better use of resources and increased ROI.

Adobe is partnering with Microsoft Translator to take your content management experience one step further by enabling machine translation features and functionality powered by Translator seamlessly within AEM. Users will be able to leverage the state-of-the-art machine translation from any of Translator’s supported languages expanding the reach of your content to deliver greater experiences to customers regardless of the language they speak.

By leveraging the out of the box connection to Translator, you can enable customizable translation experiences for your content. As a result, you are able to:

  • Serve a wider user audience with fewer resources
  • Deliver real time content translation experiences for user generated content
  • Validate the demand and value of localization when exploring new markets
  • Increase discoverability through Search Engine Optimization
  • Leverage the customization capabilities of the Custom Translator

Through the use of Custom Translator, you can build your own translation system using your preferred terminology and style specific to your industry, linguistic, domain, or organizational needs.

To view Adobe’s documentation on connecting Translator to AEM click on the link below, or proceed directly to the Azure portal to subscribe to Translator.

This service is part of Azure AI Services