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Microsoft is committed to securing and protecting your data

As cloud services gain maturity and traction in the marketplace, securing and protecting data becomes increasingly important.

Microsoft stands behind four key commitments regarding customer data in its products and cloud services.

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Microsoft Azure
A cloud computing platform that helps secure your data, protect data privacy, and support compliance with global standards

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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Next generation of intelligent business applications that combines CRM and ERP solutions in a single cloud service

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Microsoft Office 365
Cloud-based suite of applications to help increase productivity and improve collaboration across mobile and other devices, while maintaining security

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Microsoft Cognitive Services
A collection of intelligent APIs that allow systems to understand and interpret people’s needs by using natural methods of communication

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Microsoft Professional Services
Expert consulting and technical support for enterprises that is dedicated to stringent security standards and safeguards for customer data

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Microsoft Intune
More secure, cloud-based management of mobile devices and applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, and Mac OS X devices

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Microsoft National Clouds
Physical and logical network-isolated instances of Microsoft enterprise cloud services for the US government, Germany, and China

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Microsoft Power BI
A cloud-based analytics service that enables businesses to analyze, visualize, and share data insights, while maintaining data privacy

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Azure DevOps Services
A set of cloud-based collaboration tools for development teams to use to plan, develop, and manage software projects

Get an overview of Azure DevOps Services

Windows Server 2016
A cloud-ready operating system that delivers layers of security for applications and infrastructures

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