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Cloud computing is fast becoming the norm, not the exception. Like all technological advancements, cloud computing provides substantial benefits, but also creates a complex new environment for businesses to navigate. Companies need an unprecedented level of assurance from cloud service providers before they adopt the public cloud.

Microsoft is committed to providing a trusted set of cloud services. Our extensive industry experience, customer understanding, research, and broad partnerships give us a valuable perspective and unique ability to deliver the assurance that customers need.

Our Trusted Cloud initiative defines the policies and corporate governance that ensure that all our products meet the highest levels of security, privacy, compliance, and transparency.

What we are doing to earn your trust

  • Our principled approach to earning and maintaining trust enables us to drive real impact that benefits not only our customers, but the greater population.
  • Our comprehensive approach to security involves helping our customers secure their identities, apps and data, devices and infrastructure and is inclusive of the technologies that you currently use. We act on the intelligence that comes from our security-related signals and insights, and foster a vibrant ecosystem of partners who help us raise the bar across the industry—helping to securely enable our customers’ digital transformations.
  • We actively work with our customers, regulators, and standards bodies to shape and advance compliance regulations and controls.
  • The actions we are taking to increase transparency and protect digital privacy and our customers’ data will help our customers take advantage of the transformative power of the cloud in a more secure way.

Why we are the industry leader around compliance

Maintaining compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory environment is often a difficult and resource-intensive task. A service provider’s compliance investments and approach is a good way to begin to evaluate your cloud service provider.

  • We have the largest compliance standards and certifications portfolio in the industry.
  • We have over 30 years of experience working with enterprises to build on-premises workplace environments that comply with a variety of standards and regulations. Our cloud services are built on that experience.
  • We lead the industry in working with customers, regulatory bodies, and standards boards to advance compliance to meet customer needs.
  • We proactively collaborate with customers and regulators on shaping compliance, so we are often the first global cloud service provider to adopt new frameworks and standards.
  • We offer specialized services for companies and organizations to maintain compliance in highly regulated industries.
  • We invest in local infrastructure (datacenters) to help meet unique data residency, sovereignty, and compliance requirements.
  • As part of Microsoft’s commitment to transparency, customers can verify our implementation of many security controls by requesting audit results from the certifying third parties.
  • We work with industry leaders and government bodies around the world to anticipate future compliance requirements.

See the list of compliance standards we meet

Review questions to ask your cloud provider about compliance

We are committed to privacy, transparency, and keeping your data safe

We believe you own the data that you put into the Microsoft Cloud, which is “your data.” We invest heavily in our technology, people, and processes to help ensure that your data is private and protected from unauthorized access, both internally and externally.

  • We engineer our products and services to be private by design.
  • We believe the most important technology in security is encryption.
  • We don’t engineer backdoors into our products. We do not provide governments with encryption keys, assist them in breaking our encryption, or give them direct, unfettered access to your data.
  • We take a strong stance on government requests for customer data. When a government wants to investigate a business, and is seeking information that belongs to that business, we believe they should go to the business and serve a warrant or subpoena rather than go to the cloud service provider. When we receive requests for customer data, we evaluate the lawfulness of requests, reroute them to customers when able, and notify customers when legally allowed to do so.
  • We believe that technology needs to be governed by the rule of law to protect our customers’ privacy. At the same time, we support global law enforcement to help keep the public safe from both physical and digital threats (if the enforcement abides by local and international laws).
  • We actively maintain this Trust Center site to provide our customers with detailed disclosures on the technology and processes used to keep data secure, private, and compliant for each of our cloud services.
  • We take an active role in our industry to increase transparency for how your data is being stored and who is requesting access to it.
  • We provide our stakeholders with numerous disclosures on our Transparency Hub to help them evaluate how we are meeting our commitments.

Access independent audit reports

Read about privacy considerations in the cloud

Learn more about transparency

What the experts are saying

Our hyper-scale public cloud infrastructure, hybrid cloud approach, and enterprise-grade capabilities give you the choice and flexibility you need.

Gartner has recognized Microsoft as the only vendor to be positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Application Platform as a Service, Cloud Storage Services, and Server Virtualization.

What our customers are saying

When we work with our customers to address their concerns, mitigate their risk, and build trust between us, we can help create a future that is safer and helps drive their digital transformation, which, in turn, helps them earn the trust and satisfaction of their customers.

We have provided a selection of customer stories (case studies) on this page, but you can also search our resources to see more case studies related to the trusted cloud.

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iNube: Resolving insurance claims in record time
iNube logo

“We're harnessing the power of Microsoft Cloud to empower people from all corners of the country with the essential advantage of health insurance.”

Vinod Kumar lyer, CEO, iNube Software Solutions

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Kennametal: Connecting global workforce speeds innovation
Kennametal logo

"Some cloud solutions are intended for more of a consumer audience and don't have the built-in security and granular control that we get from Office 365."

Steve Hanna, CIO, Kennametal

Learn more about Kennametal

Real Madrid C.F.: Creating personal experiences for every fan
Real Madrid C.F. logo

"By partnering with Microsoft, we have tools to enable mobility, efficiency, and productivity...we are going to make a big jump into the future."

Enrique Uriel, CIO, Real Madrid C.F.

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Safran: Solving crimes faster with secure cloud solutions
Safran logo

"We chose Microsoft because it has a strong commitment to the criminal justice and public security market."

Frank Barret, Director of Cloud Services, MorphoTrak

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Tangerine: Data insight improves custom banking experience
Tangerine logo

“Without the Microsoft solution, we wouldn't be able to see the impact of the changes we're rolling out, like our upcoming credit card."

Billy Lo, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Tangerine

Learn more about Tangerine

Temenos: Delivering core banking online to millions
Temenos logo

“Data [in the Microsoft Cloud] is housed in a bunker that has the highest possible standards of security and encrypted transit of data."

Murray Gardiner, Business Director, Temenos

Learn more about Temenos

UL: Protecting data about billions of products
UL logo

"UL trusts Microsoft to help create a future that is safe and to help us innovate at the speed of our customers."

Bob Jamieson, Information Security Director, UL

Learn more about UL



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