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Protecting yourself online is more important than ever. Our resources are designed to make your digital world more secure.
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Shop but don’t drop: Tips for safe online shopping

We’re here to help protect you while you shop online.

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Staying safer made easy

Get greater peace of mind when your device, data, files and family are protected with these powerful easy to use tools.

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Too many passwords to remember?

We’ve got ways to make signing in easier.

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What ingredients are in your web cookies?

Learn how to manage your online privacy for better security.

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3 easy steps to take control of your online security

Check your security at a glance, keep your personal info private and best protect your photos, videos, documents and more.

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Protect what matters most

Create a safer space for your kids to explore online and set time limits on apps or games on Xbox, Windows, and Android.

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Help protect your online data and identity

Use Password Monitor to know if your passwords have been compromised on the dark web with the new Microsoft Edge.

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4 ways to help keep your student safer

Learn easy safeguards you can put it in place to help protect from unseen threats online, while helping your kids become more independent.

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Built-in safety features for extra protection

Get the tools to help protect your privacy and security online with Microsoft Edge.
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