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Windows 10 Pro powers the world’s largest selection of business computers, laptops and desktops, from leading manufacturers, that can meet the most exacting standards of performance, security, design, and experiences. Browse our featured selection.

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    Windows 10 Pro laptops offer speed, power, familiarity and portability with the latest features to enhance mobility without sacrificing performance at a range of price points.

      2-in-1 Laptops

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      Switch easily from tablet to laptop—and back—to work the way that you prefer. Ideal for customer-facing kiosks and workers anywhere.


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        Windows desktops and all-in-ones have the muscle for the most demanding tasks without sacrificing style or requiring a large workspace. Options available for touchscreen and adjustable stands to enable an ultra-intuitive experience.

          Ultra-small PC

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          Powerful and compact, Windows 10 mini PCs are computers that can fit into tight spaces.


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            High performance configurations including server-grade Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors, with up to 4 CPUs and add memory up to a massive 6TB. That provides the power you need to run advanced workloads, with CPU cycles left free to run other apps simultaneously.

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                  A Windows 10 secured-core pc

                  Secured-core PCs

                  The most secure Windows devices out-of-the-box1

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                  Support server grade PC devices and mission critical workloads.

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                  PC accessories

                  Our computer accessories deliver comfort, versatility and functionality.

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                  Microsoft Teams devices

                  For every work experience, there's a Microsoft Teams device.

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                  Windows 10 and Microsoft 365

                  This integrated technology solution combines the productivity of Microsoft 365 with the security of Windows 10 to empower your employees.

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                  • 1Secured-core PCs require specific configuration to fully enable the highest level of protection against attacks. Available for purchase through your OEM representative.