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How Microsoft does IT
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    Social & Productivity
    At Microsoft IT, we are agents of productivity. Productivity is the business value proposition of everything we do. Today, IT is not just thinking about connecting hardware and software services to enable the cloud, but is also thinking about what services will allow our employees to make decisions better and faster than ever before. Microsoft IT has learned that the immediacy of online communication and collaboration enhances dialogue between employees, and between Microsoft and its customers, partners, and vendors.
    It's a hyper-connected world

    Today, we live in a mobile-first, cloud-first world, and like other IT organizations, we are striving to drive transformation to enable our business and employees. The cloud helps remove complexity, increase collaboration, and get stuff done.

    Why social makes sense

    With more than 90,000 engaged users in the Microsoft Yammer network and millions of IMs each month, we've seen that people can connect more efficiently with colleagues, customers, and partners using social tools. Collaboration with our customers and partners helps drives efficient and powerful decisions. And with an extensive external Yammer network, and hundreds of external social properties worldwide, we go where customers and partners interact online.
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    Social allows sales teams to organize and collaborate around a customer. The sales team in Microsoft Switzerland has embraced social collaboration to improve customer relations, improve agility, and speed up the sales process.
    Relationship marketing uses social channels to nurture relationships with fans, re-engage customers on a regular basis, and integrate with machine learning capabilities to predict needs and behaviors.
    Information workers
    Industry studies have shown that social technologies can increase worker productivity by 20 to 25 percent. We have witnessed this productivity boost first-hand among our employees.
    Industry studies have shown that 20 percent of online consumers expect a response within one hour via social media. With this in mind, Microsoft IT expanded the company's online support services using proactive chat, videos and social support capabilities.
    Collaborate beyond your business, and improve partner and supplier relationships by anticipating their changing needs. Microsoft IT is helping employees connect with partners, overcome geographic barriers and unify informational silos by using social tools such as Yammer, SharePoint Online and Skype for Business.
    • What we have learned

      Being productive anywhere empowers a global workforce

      Skype for Business is a productivity solution that simplifies employees' lives by allowing them to work and connect with others anywhere. Skype for Business presence allows employees to see each other's availability, making it easy to meet.
      meetings per month with Skype for Business
    • What we have learned

      Leaders can stay better connected to their people by breaking down silos

      Flatten your hierarchy by connecting executives with their geographically- dispersed workforce, exposing hidden talent, and improving service.
      Yammer users engaged per day
    • What we have learned

      Boosting employee productivity to accelerate time-to-market

      Update your productivity platform to support knowledge-sharing and collaboration, while reducing expenses and speeding up processes. SharePoint Online tools and services help users manage information and collaborate efficiently.
    • What we have learned

      Connecting people and sharing information enriches global teamwork

      Use productivity solutions to connect the right people with the right information to improve decision-making across business divisions globally.
      monthly instant messages on Skype for Business
    • What we have learned

      Sales people unify around customers and partners

      Give sales teams a new way of working by linking together all aspects of the customer relationship to deliver a better offering and bring order to the sales process. Yammer provisions 700 Microsoft-sponsored external networks that include customers and partners.
      customers and partners on Yammer
    Our ambition

    "We need to move from tools focused on our individual abilities to tools that empower social productivity. There are times for independent, high-quality work. But increasingly, we collaborate across teams and around the world."

    Jacky Wright, Vice President, Strategic Enterprise Services IT
    Featured Content
    Apr 01, 2016 |
    In Japan, a business culture that values face-to-face interaction has slowed the widespread adoption of teleworking. However, demographic changes and a mandate from the government are making worker mobility a top priority. Microsoft IT in Japan is advancing the cultural and technological transformation to a mobile-first, cloud-first workplace by offering business solutions and demonstrating the benefits of teleworking to employers and workers alike.
    Apr 05, 2016 |
    Go behind the scenes at Microsoft and explore its best practices for deploying, operating, and supporting Lync/Skype for Business in a global environment. During this in-depth course, you’ll hear from Microsoft IT subject matter experts (SMEs) as they share case studies, presentations, and demonstrations about enterprise IM, voice, and conferencing (audio/video) implementations at Microsoft. This course helps prepare you to implement Skype for Business in your organization’s environment.
    Jun 28, 2016 |
    New capabilities make it easier than ever to deploy Office 365 and manage ongoing updates. Microsoft IT used System Center Configuration Manager to automate the upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus 2016. We also used update channels, now available for Office 365, to specify the cadence for ongoing Office updates. They are delivered on a schedule that works best for users’ business needs. As a result, our users enjoyed one of the smoothest upgrade experiences ever.

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