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Summary of Changes

Below is a summary of changes and updates made to the terms over the past 12 months. To see prior months, change the effective date in the top navigation to view a prior publish date.

March 15, 2023

Microsoft 365: Added SharePoint Advanced Management to the Availability and License Prerequisites tables.

March 1, 2023

Microsoft Intune: Updated Availability table to include Intune Suite and Intune Plan 2, as well as added a License Prerequisites table for both offers.

Microsoft 365: Removed all content for Education Insights as the offer has been depreciated. Updated Availability Table for two new offers; Forensic Evidence for Insider Risk Management, and Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management Add-on, as well as the necessary prerequisites for the Vulnerability Management Add-on.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services: Updated all references of Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution Plus to Microsoft Relationship Sales to align with name change.

Privacy & Security Terms: Updated the Azure Core Services to include Azure Form Recognizer, Azure Immersive Reader, Azure Metrics Advisor, and Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

February 1, 2023

Audio Services: Clarifying that the Operator Connect terms includes Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile.

Exchange Online: Updated Archiving under the Core Features for Exchange Online Archiving to include Exchange Online Kiosk.

Microsoft Azure: Added Service Specific Terms for the launch of Azure Communications Gateway and Azure Private 5G Core.

Privacy & Security Terms: Added Windows 365 to the list of Core Online Services.

Software Assurance Benefits: Removed terms related to 24x7 Problem Resolution Support as the benefit is retired.

Windows Desktop Operating System: Added Universal Print Volume Add-on SKUs to the Availability Table as well as the prerequisite licenses needed to license the add-on.

January 1, 2023

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: Update to clarify that customers may use Defender products on all devices and clouds.

Privacy & Security Terms: Added language to the Privacy & Security Terms that describe EU Data Boundary Services.

Azure Data Box, Azure Stack Edge, and Azure Stack Hub Ruggedized Terms: Removed terms related to StorSimple due to service retirement.

Windows Desktop Operating System: Updated the Software Assurance Lapse term based on recent Servicing channel changes. Removed Desktop Analytics from the list of products with "Additional License Terms for Online Services" as it has been retired.

December 12, 2022

Azure Services and Dynamics 365 Services: Added back Azure Communication Services (ACS) terms that were unintentionally removed in the December 1, 2022 publication. Minor modifications of the ACS language to align with the new Communication Services Notice.

December 1, 2022

Universal License Terms for Online Services: Updated Acceptable Use Policy to clarify that mining cryptocurrency is prohibited without prior Microsoft approval.

Azure DevOps Server: Updated terms to support the launch of Azure DevOps Server 2022.

Notices: Added a standard notice for Communication Services. Updated various Product pages to reflect the update which will also be reflected in the Communication Services Terms document.

November 17, 2022

Updated left navigation layout on website view to include links to supplementary documents such as the Data Protection Addendum and Consolidated Service Level Agreement, as well as additional licensing resources such as licensing briefs, guides, and other materials.

BizTalk Server: Updated License Model terms to require active Software Assurance to license by individual Virtual OSE.

SQL Server: Updates to support the launch of SQL 2022, including new Software Assurance Benefits and License Model updates.

Microsoft Azure: Added new disaster recovery benefits/fail-over rights for Azure SQL services, including Azure SQL Managed Instance, and Azure SQL Server Virtual Machines.

November 1, 2022

Universal License Terms for Online Services: Added a new section called “Microsoft Security Products Data Handling” to enable Microsoft Security products to share data with other Microsoft Security products listed in the relevant product documentation and details how that data will be governed. It also removes redundant sections in the Product specific terms that previously allowed data integration now covered by the Data Handling section.

Privacy & Security Terms: Updated Office 365 Services paragraph in the "Location of Customer Data at Rest for Core Online Services" section to add commitments for Microsoft Teams and the Advanced Data Residency offering.

Microsoft 365: Added Microsoft 365 Cross Tenant Migration and Advanced Data Residency offers to the Availability and License Prerequisites tables.

Microsoft Azure: Added language to Azure Reservations Purchase clause for Commitment Tiers and Disconnected Containers. Updated Azure Active Directory Basic Service Specific Terms to permit unlimited SSO.

Microsoft Defender for Business servers: Added a new entry for Microsoft Defender for Business servers available in MCA.

Microsoft Power Platform: Updated Availability table and Purchasing Minimums to reflect launch of Power Pages.

GitHub Offerings: Updated Extended Term Eligibility section of the Product Conditions table to reflect that GitHub Advanced Security, Enterprise, and Insights are Extended Term Eligible.

Promotions: Added promotion for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for EA/EAS customers.

Software Assurance Benefits: Clarified Self Hosting benefit when used with Windows Server.

October 12, 2022

Microsoft Azure: Added terms for Azure compute savings plan offer. Updated Azure Hybrid Benefit terms to include Azure Stack HCI for Enterprise Agreement customers.

October 1, 2022

Updated licensing terms for dedicated hosted cloud services. Changes to support this update have been made throughout the Product Terms, but the most significant changes are to the Outsourcing Software Management clause in the Universal License Terms for all Software, as well as the License Model terms for on-premises software (e.g. Windows Server). For more detail, please see

Microsoft 365: Added SharePoint Advanced Management, Workload Identities, and Viva Sales to the Availability tables (EA and MCA), as well as updated License Prerequisites table to include these offers. Added Microsoft 365 Professional Direct Support to the MCA Availability table. 

Microsoft Azure: Updated API Terms to remove abbreviations and add clarity to which APIs apply. Additionally, updated Azure Communication Services interoperability and messaging requirements. 

Microsoft Intune: Removed Intune for EDU (Device) from the MCA. 

Windows Desktop Operating System: Updated the Purchase Eligibility for Windows 11 Home to Pro geographic areas to include Mexico, Central America, and South America.

September 1, 2022

Audio Services: Removed Teams Rooms Standard and Premium and added Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic and Pro to the Availability Table.

Privacy & Security Terms: Updated the Office 365 Services geographic areas to include Qatar under the Location of Customer Data at Rest for Core Online Services section.

Storage Array, Azure Data Box, Azure Stack Edge, and Azure Stack Hub Ruggedized Terms: Updated Azure Databox & Azure Stack Edge terms to focus on use rights and create clarity. Additional information regarding these offerings is linked within the terms.

August 1, 2022

Microsoft 365: Updated device screen size limitations from 10.1” to 10.9” for Microsoft 365 F1 and F3.

Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting: Added terms for this new offer.

Microsoft Learning: Removed references to Imagine Academy. The offer is now provided at no cost via education license Agreements and the terms are provided during the signup process.

Microsoft Teams: Updated Health Sector Customers clause with language regarding medical records.

Software Assurance Benefits: Updated references of Home Use Program to Workplace Discount Program to align with branding. No changes to terms.

Subscription License Suites: Added Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Education tables.

July 1, 2022

Audio Services: Removed references to Business Voice as the offer is retired.

GitHub Offerings: Removed GitHub Learning Lab for Organizations. This is no longer offered. Added a link to the use rights terms that govern access to GitHub Enterprise software or the online service for preview, demonstration, pre-release versions, training or evaluation purposes.

Microsoft 365: Updated entitlements of AI Builder credits for SharePoint Syntex from 1 million credits with 300+ SharePoint Syntex licenses to 3.5K credits per license.

Microsoft Azure: Added service specific terms for Azure Orbital. Updated Cognitive Services and Applied AI Services service specific terms, specifically “Limited Access Services” terms to accommodate a transition to a new process for managing access to and use of specific “Limited Access” AI Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services: Updated Purchasing Minimums table for Academic for clarity, and to accommodate a name change. Added Business Central offers to the Dual Use Rights table (MCA only) as it was missing previously.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Add-On: Updated Qualifying Licenses to include academic plans.

Office 365 Suites: Updated Add-on table to remove retired offers.

Program Agreement Supplemental Terms: Added a modification to the Cancellation Policy for Microsoft Customer Agreement to be more accurate when calculating the period to cancel a subscription.

SharePoint Server: Updated SharePoint Server use rights to include subscription licenses as a prerequisite for running/accessing SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Software.

Subscription License Suites: Updated Microsoft 365 Business table to include Microsoft Defender for Business.

Windows Autopatch: Added terms for Windows Autopatch.

June 1, 2022

Microsoft 365: Added Microsoft 365 F5 eDiscovery and Audit, Microsoft 365 F5 Information Protection and Governance, and Microsoft 365 F5 Insider Risk Management suites to the Availability tables (EA and MCA), as well as updated License Prerequisites table to include these offers.

Microsoft Azure: Removed Azure Customer Solution service specific clauses from Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Stack HCI as the recent Azure Customer Solution clause encompasses these terms.  Removed End User Relationship clause from Azure Communication Services as language is covered in contract stack and the recent Azure Customer Solution clause applies. Updated Microsoft Azure Services Plan definition to drive clarity on which Azure products apply.

Microsoft Power Platform: Added terms for Power Apps embedded Wrap feature to enable distributable code and update requirements.

Microsoft Sustainability Manager: Added terms for the Microsoft Sustainability Manager offer.

Minecraft: Education Edition: Removed Bing Maps notice clause. This is being done to put Minecraft under the DPA instead of the Privacy Statement referenced in the Bing Maps Notices.

Privacy & Security Terms: Updated Power Platform Core Services data at rest section to align with Microsoft Trust Center updates.

SQL Server: Clarified that eligible SQL Server customers may also run a passive instance of Power BI Report Server in eligible Fail-Over OSEs.

May 1, 2022

Microsoft 365: Added Microsoft 365 Business Premium as an eligible prerequisite for Remote Help in the License Prerequisites table. Added Microsoft Defender for Business to the availability table and a statement that Customers may not provision more than 300 User subscription licenses.

Microsoft Azure: Added terms for Azure Dev Ops to the Service Specific Terms. Updated Azure Maps terms covering use of imagery data and copyrights. Removed IoT Suites from Availability Tables as the offer has been retired.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services: Update LinkedIn Sales Navigator clause with updated LinkedIn DPA URL.

Privacy & Security Terms: Added “Azure Firewall” to the Microsoft Azure Core Services section of the Core Online Services table.

Program Agreement Supplemental Terms: Added supplemental terms for the Microsoft Customer Agreement covering renewal, cancellation policy, and coterminosity.

SQL Server: Added Distributed Availability Groups to SQL Standard with limited use rights.

April 11, 2022

Universal Terms for Online Services: Updated the Cancellation Policy clause from 72 hours to 7 days.

April 1, 2022

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Add-On: Updating Cloud for Healthcare SKU in Availability table to reflect it is not Per User and only sold per Tenant now.

Microsoft 365: Added Remote Help offer to the Availability and Prerequisites tables.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services: Added Dynamics 365 Customer Voice & Digital Messaging to the Availability table. Added a clause for Dynamics 365 Third-Party Funds Transfers that specifies that such third-party service provider is solely responsible for funds. Updated the Embedded editions of D365 Services clause for program availability (to show for MCA only). Removed Team Members License Features clause as it is not relevant for new customers.

Microsoft Teams: Clarified Microsoft Teams External User Entitlements (External Users may access Teams Webinars).

Notices: Added a clause for Nvidia Components notice.

Privacy & Security Terms: Added “Azure Health Data Services” to the Microsoft Azure Core Services section of the Core Online Services table.

Student Use Benefits and Academic Programs: Added Microsoft Bookings to the Student Use Benefit for Office 365 A3 and A5.

System Center: Updated System Center Server, Operations Manager, Orchestrator, and Service Manager entries to support launch of the 2022 versions. No changes to license terms.

Windows Desktop Operating System: Windows 11 Pro (Per Device) has been added to the Availability table for MCA as it is now available via CSP.

March 1, 2022

Glossary: Minor update to the definition of Microsoft Azure Services for clarity.

Microsoft 365: Privacy Management has been rebranded as Priva.

Microsoft Azure: Relocating Azure Spot "Purchasing" clause and adding Azure Communication Services clause to "Pricing" section. Update for content organization only, no change to intent.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Add-on: Updated prerequisites table to include additional Office 365 and Microsoft 365 suites, or any component of these suites that contain Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Add-On: Added a Compliance Terms clause, including a link to more details on Microsoft’s commitments to compliance, data protection, and privacy.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail Add-On: Added a Compliance Terms clause, including a link to more details on Microsoft’s commitments to compliance, data protection, and privacy.

Promotions: Updated Azure Virtual Desktop Per User Access Pricing Promotion to March 31, 2022, expiration date.

SQL Server: Removed SQL Server Big Data Nodes offer for service end-of-life.

Universal License Terms for Online Services: Added terms for the cancellation policy of certain online services purchased via the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

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