Bing Maps offers a variety of licensing options to align with your application and business needs. Select a tab below and learn how to license Bing Maps.

Licensing for use within your own organization

Microsoft offers several Volume Licensing programs, each tailored to the needs of different businesses sizes and types of organizations. Bing Maps is available through the following programs:

  • Open Value
  • Open Value Subscription
  • Microsoft Product and Services Agreement
  • Select Plus
  • Enterprise Agreement

Purchase Bing Maps through your reseller

Microsoft Bing Maps can be made available through the programs listed above, which provides a simple, flexible way to purchase Bing Maps services from your Microsoft reseller.

A familiar, convenient purchasing option

Many small and midsize businesses purchase through Microsoft Open Licensing, and Bing Maps is available through the same convenient programs as other Microsoft software.

Get started

It’s easy to get started on Bing Maps, with the Help Me Decide Tool below. This self-assessment tool will assist the Microsoft Bing Maps sales team and resellers understand your application needs to provide you with a quote.

Discover Bing Maps through a Basic Key.

Need to find a partner? Visit Microsoft Pinpoint to start today.

Note: If you are an ISV, please visit the ISV/Licensor (SaaS) Partner tab.

Bing Maps API for Enterprise offers an integrated set of services and mapping data, backed by enterprise-grade, 24/7 online support. The platform is designed for rapid development and low upfront investment allowing partners and customers to benefit and see a return on investment in a very short time frame.

Looking to add a geospatial solution to your Azure subscription? Click here.

Azure Marketplace Usage Plans

Transaction Volume per Mo.
Transaction Volume Per Mo.
Price Per Month
10k – Free; No SLA $0 10k – Free; No SLA $0
25K $200 25K $400
50K $350 50K $700
100K $450 100K $900
250K $1,200 250K $2,400
500K $1,700 500K $3,400

If you are interested in Azure and don’t currently have a subscription, click here to learn more.

Outside of Azure we also offer a Basic Key through our Bing Maps Dev Center. Click here to get started.

Licensing to embed in a software package or service that you will sell to multiple business customers.

Program Overview

Within the Bing Maps Distributor Program, the Bing Maps Partner Program has been specifically designed for companies that build and package applications licensed to multiple customers. Authorized Bing Maps Distributors and Resellers manage Licensor Agreements on behalf of Microsoft. Payment and credit terms are processed by the authorized Bing Maps Distributor and Reseller.


The primary benefit of this Program is to give Licensors an easy entry point for managing Bing Maps apps, and to enable easy add-on of additional users, transactions and/or assets. Management of customer apps applies to the entire duration of the Licensor Agreement, which is paid for in arrears. Therefore, Distributors (and Resellers) are engaged throughout the life cycle of the Bing Maps product license.

The Program supports a low upfront cost as well as flexible reporting. All agreements leverage standard terms and conveniently include an End Customer/User Minimum Terms agreement for a Licensor to leverage when selling to End Customers/Users.

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