Enable remote government access

Personalize government services to meet the needs of all people and provide faster response and resolution times, with accessibility and security-built in.

Provide access to secure government services for people and employees when and where needed

Learn how governments are enabling remote access for empowering people and employees

Employees work remotely

Aberdeenshire is providing employees on the move a more flexible, modern working experience, whether that’s visiting elderly people, clearing snow off mountain passes, or inspecting restaurant kitchens.

Supporting at-risk children and families using a virtual co-meeting strategy

DFCS is now able to preserve the safety of workers and the families they serve by working remotely, while providing easy access to critical information and maintaining the strictest security.

Convenient cleanup with citizen input

LA improves the quality of life for the residents of Los Angeles through more efficient waste-removal operations.

Improving community and citizen services

City of Lafayette commits to technology solutions to promote efficient, effective government that emphasizes citizen engagement, better customer service, and a more connected community.

Delivering mobile, highly secure computing

The Georgia Office of the State Treasurer transitioned everyone to working from home on less than a day’s notice without a single hiccup in job performance.

Explore solutions for enabling remote government access

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