AI solutions

AI solutions

Accelerate your digital transformation by taking advantage of the power of AI, data, and cloud computing. Begin—or enhance—your AI journey with our business platform, accelerators, and built-from-the-ground-up tailored solutions.

Accelerate customer service transformation with AI

Discover the Dynamics 365 AI-based solution for customer service. Organizations can now create and deliver rich conversational support solutions across multiple channels and improve support team productivity thanks to intelligent customer-facing virtual assistants that support live agents and conversation management.

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Featured customer story: See how HP Inc. is transforming its customer service experience, then read the HP case study.


Virtual agents empower game-changing natural multi-turn conversations with in-dialog actions and a seamless handoff to support staff. Agent assistants provide support staff with smart recommendations.


Organizations need to provide consistent, high-quality customer service across channels of communication to drive brand loyalty. Built with our enterprise-grade AI platform, and years of expertise and research in AI, we’re helping organizations improve customer and employee satisfaction.


This new type of AI solution for customer service will improve through continuous learning. Agent assistants empower support staff with relevant content, upsell recommendations, and helpful context, while our near real-time dashboard provides performance analytics, powerful visualizations, and optimization suggestions.

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