Compliance for Microsoft cloud services

Compliance Overview

In a world where data breaches are daily occurrences and regulatory requirements for protecting data are increasing, it's essential for organizations to choose a cloud service provider that makes every effort to protect customer data. Microsoft is committed to the highest levels of trust, transparency, standards conformance, and regulatory compliance. Our broad suite of cloud products and services are all built from the ground up to address the most rigorous security and privacy demands of our customers.

To help organizations comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of individuals’ data, Microsoft provides the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings (including certifications and attestations) of any cloud service provider.

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Microsoft 365 offers solutions that go beyond the GDPR, proactively enhancing your compliance stature. Protect and govern your sensitive data with greater intelligence capabilities and a more unified experience.

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Microsoft’s comprehensive compliance offerings

Protect your customers' data while meeting compliance requirements. Search our comprehensive set of compliance offerings to find all current certifications and filters.

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Think Cloud Compliance

As part of the Microsoft legal group’s Think Cloud Compliance initiative, we've created a series of white papers and other resources to help you meet compliance and learn more about our commitment to build trust in our cloud services.

Achieving trust and compliance in the cloud

An introduction to cloud computing for legal and compliance professionals

Learn from Think Cloud Compliance Case Studies

Navigating legal and regulatory requirements can be challenging for any industry. Learn how customers have used Microsoft solutions to achieve their compliance goals while capitalizing on the benefits of the cloud and digital transformation.

Download Collector Bank case study

Download Sberbank Leasing case study

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Microsoft Azure IP Advantage

Microsoft Azure IP Advantage program offers Azure customers comprehensive protection for their cloud-based innovations and investments against intellectual property (IP) lawsuits and risks.

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Guide: Legal and regulatory compliance in Asia

Microsoft understands the complex challenges your organization faces to verify it meets regulatory requirements. Navigating your way to the cloud can help answer your questions about Asia-specific issues around legal and regulatory cloud compliance.

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The Trust Center site provides legal and compliance teams with a comprehensive repository of resources designed to help them understand and verify the compliance requirements of their organization’s cloud deployments. Use it to:

  • Understand requirements and implications for cloud computing workloads
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in compliance and regulation
  • Learn how Microsoft protects customers and ensures secure data access
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Improve your organization’s data protection and overall compliance readiness with Compliance Manager. Perform on-going risk assessment with compliance scores and get rich, actionable insights to simplify your compliance journey.

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