Read guidelines to help to broaden your understanding of AI topics and of your systems’ behavior.

Management tools

Management tools are resources that you can leverage to build, improve, and implement your AI systems.

Technology tools

Technology tools enable you to build the properties of your AI systems with fairness, privacy, security, and other responsible AI guarantees.

Responsible assessment

Assessment is the first stage in building responsible AI. It includes identifying high priority areas within your AI development, building a way to track and review the process, and securing approvals.

Responsible development

Development is the second stage of building your responsible AI systems – from data collection and handling, to ensuring fairness in performance and representation.

Responsible deployment

Responsible deployment includes reinforcing practices and empowering people to use AI responsibly through documentation, gating, scenario attestation, and more.


In addition to exploring resources through the lifecycle stages, you can find toolkits that help you integrate features into your AI systems by themes.

Conversations on responsible AI

Explore podcasts, webinars, and other resources from experts across Microsoft.