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AIM for the future with Microsoft: Future-proof your business in the cloud 

Microsoft recently introduced Dynamics 365 Copilot, the world's first AI copilot integrated into customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications in the cloud, that is designed to augment workflows, uncover insights, identify the next best actions, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

Reshaping the future of business with Microsoft Sales Copilot, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, and a new cloud migration program 

Copilot assists employees wherever they are working, surfacing valuable business data and delivering business insights so they can focus on the most meaningful parts of their jobs. And with this momentum in AI, there has never been a better time for our customers to move to the cloud.

The power of AI in Viva Sales: Insights from Lori Lamkin and Nathalie D’Hers 

Join Lori Lamkin and Nathalie D'Hers as they take you on an extraordinary journey through the development, deployment, and continuous improvement of Microsoft Viva Sales. In this exclusive Q&A session, they will share insights, experiences, and the remarkable story of Microsoft's journey in unlocking the full potential of Viva Sales.

5 ways accounts payable automation drives digital transformation 

Finance teams’ roles have evolved—and expanded—into new realms. As economic pressures demand everyone deliver more with fewer resources, finance professionals’ plates are increasingly crowded with analysis, strategy, even supplier relationships—plus all the traditional finance processes they’ve long been responsible for. 

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How Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform delivers enterprise-ready AI built for security and privacy 

With the introduction of generative AI across Microsoft business applications—including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Viva Sales, and Power Platform—interactions with AI across business roles and processes will become second nature. With Copilot, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform introduce a new way to generate ideas and content drafts, and methods to access and organize information across the business.