What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together people, data and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world. Partnering with Microsoft helps your organization transform into a digital company by developing new capabilities.

Learn how to accelerate digital transformation in your business

Engage your customers

Tailor individual customer experiences by harnessing data and drawing actionable insights.

  • Breaking down silos to deliver personalized customer experiences

    Join us to discover how to use Dynamics 365 to deliver the personalized experiences that make customers feel known and valued when they engage with your company.

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  • Modern workplace webinars

    Stay on the cutting edge of technology and business innovation with our monthly video series.

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  • Three ways to elevate your customers' experience with AI

    Read our blog on personalizing customer experiences with AI.

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  • Empowering B2B sales teams to deliver forward-thinking customer experiences with predictive technology

    Leveraging customer data and adopting predictive technology is key to delivering consistently positive customer experiences. 

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Empower your employees

Help employees to achieve more by creating a work environment that's intelligent, flexible, and secure.

  • The future of work: a new employee experience

    Discover the business impact of modernizing the employee experience and how to create an intelligent, flexible and secure workplace culture.

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  • Transforming collaboration in government

    Governments are transforming how employees collaborate and redefining teamwork with digital innovations that deliver efficiencies and better services to citizens.

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  • 4 ways to motivate millennials in the workplace

    By 2020, millennials will make up 50% of the workforce. Learn how utilizing the right technology plays a critical role in engaging this group of tech-savvy and connected individuals.

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  • FedEx delivers on modern workplace vision with cloud computing

    Learn how FedEx has taken the phrase "The information about the package is as important as the package itself" to heart and optimized its operations through technical innovation.

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Optimize your operations

Accelerate the responsiveness of your business, improve service levels, and reduce costs with intelligent processes.

  • The future of field service has arrived - for every manufacturer

    Read the blog post to learn how manufacturers are utilizing predictive maintenance and Artificial Intelligence to provide superior field service to their clients.

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  • The factory of the future: manufacturing a smarter, more connected world

    The modern factory is becoming a reality as IoT-based sensing, cloud-based computing technology, artificial intelligence and cognitive services improve the speed and quality of operations.

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  • Drive growth with Intelligent Sales Advisor

    Bring back a personal approach to the banking experience with this Microsoft solution.

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  • Transforming food supply chain operations with Power BI

    Learn how JJ Food Service has leveraged Power BI to create a culture of Business Intelligence.

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Transform your products

Differentiate and capture emerging opportunities by using data as a strategic asset and shifting from hindsight to foresight. 

  • Why services are the future of manufacturing

    In today’s market full of feature-saturated products and super competitive prices, manufacturers are exploring new service-based business models that will allow them to expand margins and build stronger relationships with customers. 

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  • How AI will transform customer service

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming customer service, helping companies deliver differentiated customer experiences, improve operations, and uncover new revenue streams.

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  • Accelerate your digital journey with Intelligent Automation

    Read the blog to learn how financial institutions are embracing digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

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  • 3 ways technology is delivering on the promise of healthcare transformation

    Read the blog to learn how the global health system is implementing innovative digital technologies that support multiple goals simultaneously.

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