Unleash Your Creativity

Microsoft Garage recently hosted an opportunity for children of Microsoft employees to create artwork to share their ideas for solutions, and offer a helping hand in bringing communities together during this global pandemic.

As times have brought work and home together, many kids need new forms of engagement. Originating from Garage Israel, the idea was quickly replicated across the globe, bringing together the talent and ingenuity of kids. Many submissions included drawings and paintings with themes that were localized by Microsoft Garage sites. Kids had various categories to choose from such as sketching, painting, collages, and online paintings. Digital participation is very important to Microsoft Garage as remote work has increased in recent months and the demand for digital skills is evolving.

This initiative gave these supremely talented kids a platform to come up with creative solutions during an unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the themes included, “Caring for the Community at the Time of a Crisis”, “Technology that Makes Life Easier for Us”, and “Creative Kids Save The Day”. Imaginations are essential in building critical innovative skills as Pablo Picasso says, everything you can imagine is real.

There was participation from kids in all age groups. Many sites such as Garage India saw an overwhelming response with 98 entries across the various forms of artwork. The team of Garage India “would like to truly commend the thought process and level of creativity displayed in the artworks”. A special call out to our extremely young entries (under 7 years of age), “we truly appreciate all the efforts you tiny tots have put in”. These collages represent the cohesive work of all participants. Thank you to everyone and their efforts in producing artwork that is super inventive and unique!

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Garage Israel

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