Learnings from GreenBiz 21: Just How Big is the ESG Data Challenge? 

At this year’s GreenBiz 21 conference, the drive to act to address climate change and social equity challenges was palpable. Bill Gates highlighted the ambitious goals for Breakthrough Energy, followed by a thoughtful discussion about human rights and social justice with Sanda Ojiambo, CEO of the United Nations Global Impact. The conversation was inspiring, and Read more

Corporate performance improvement aligns with ESG metric tracking 

More and more, businesses are recognizing that incorporating Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance, or ESG, into their products and services directly correlates to financial results. Doing good is no longer at the expense of doing well. For both stakeholders and customers, ESG represents another point in their decision making. As allocators of capital, financial services Read more

ESG in capital markets: two sides of the same coin 

I’ve noticed something over the past few months. Whenever I’m in a virtual room that is full of people from a capital markets firm and I mention ESG (or, environmental, social, and governance) their ears perk up. They sit forward in their chairs and are more engaged. There’s something new and interesting about the way Read more