Experts reveal how state and local governments are innovating with data-driven strategies 

State and local governments have been innovating and modernizing to meet the needs of their constituents. This has been a trend, especially since 2020, with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Constituent demands and workforce challenges have created a compelling event for the public sector to evolve into the digital age.  Read more

Education leaders on new teaching and learning technologies 

America’s education systems have proven to be agile and resilient, but there is always room for transformative action and improvement. With the potential to change quickly and for the better, schools are currently working to make education more accessible, inclusive, and engaging for learners than ever before.  Read more

Three challenges that women and minority entrepreneurs face 

Small business owners must overcome many milestones—from raising capital to hiring employees—to grow their businesses. Women entrepreneurs face the same obstacles, and then some. Three common challenges that women encounter are defying social expectations, finding funding, and maintaining top skills and operational excellence. Read more

Addressing cybersecurity proactively to support hybrid learning 

After detecting a potential cybersecurity threat, Fulton County Schools knew that it needed to investigate and come up with a diagnosis. Although its IT team found that the detected ransomware didn’t affect the school’s data, the district wanted to take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity moving forward.  Read more

5G powered modern connected apps bring solutions to industry problems 

Fueled by the rapid expansion of the cloud, 5G helps create a new application paradigm and paves the way for a new breed of network-intelligent applications. These modern connected apps use 5G technology to enable ubiquitous computing, create a more flexible interface, and extend connectivity from the cloud to the edge, even powering new discoveries Read more