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Experts weigh in on AI for digital natives 

In the dynamic landscape of software and digital platforms, the impacts of digital transformation are being felt more acutely than ever before. This is particularly true for startups and digital natives -- companies that are born in the cloud, conduct all their business online, and have no physical location for sales or customer service.


How cloud-based math modeling can reduce organ transplant risk  

Some of the most interesting scientific discoveries happen at the intersection between disciplines—and sometimes those discoveries can even save lives. That’s what two researchers at the University of North Carolina learned with organ transplantation, when they set out to find a better way to match donors with recipients. 


Expert insights into future trends of the financial service’s industry 

Whether you’re using an electronic payment app to buy takeout for dinner, accessing full-service banking from a laptop at home, or trading cryptocurrencies, you’re probably aware the digital revolution in financial services is quickly moving forward. At Microsoft, we’re eager to see how the industry will continue to evolve. To gather a variety of opinions on


4 AI Themes for Businesses in 2022 

What AI experts see next as the technology expands AI is a transformational technology impacting organizations across various industries—from providing new insights to improving operational efficiency to enhancing customer experiences. At Microsoft, we’re working to turn meaningful innovation into actionable results. We asked thought leaders inside and outside of Microsoft about the acceleration and impact


Sustainability for smart business 

Like all businesses, commercial businesses should pursue sustainability strategies because they enable them to respond to rapidly growing market interests. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s smart business. The future of our planet, our society, and our people depend on all of us being good stewards of our environment. There are five


Building Equity in AI: Insights from The University of Texas and Microsoft 

S. Craig Watkins is the Ernest A. Sharpe Centennial Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, an internationally recognized expert in media, founding director of the Institute for Media Innovation, and the Lead Principal Investigator for UT’s Good Systems Designing AI for Racial Justice research project. Before coming to Microsoft, Stephen Elkin served as