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Know your customers. Engage your shoppers.

See your business through the eyes of your customers to unlock customer-first retail.

Learn how omnichannel experience management and personalized marketing help you boost customer engagement.

Successful retail starts and ends with the customer

A 360-degree customer view

Knowing your customer means truly understanding their needs and wants. Deliver a personalized experience across every touch point in the customer journey to build long-term customer loyalty.

Data-fueled customer intelligence

Unlock and use your data to anticipate your customer needs and create unforgettable experiences that keep customers coming back for more.


Connecting online and instore data

By putting the right product in the right stores, Co-op drastically improved its customer experience and is estimated to save $58 million by 2022.

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Championing the intelligent customer experience

Serving up personalized content to every individual, builds trust and long-term relationships.

Explore solutions that enable you to know your customer

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