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Partners in North America (United States, Canada, and Mexico) can contact the Bing Maps Business Desk for licensing and sales inquiries, along with holistic support on a range of other topics.


The Bing Maps Business Desk

If you are based in North America, you can contact the team directly at For the same level of support for all other countries, visit the Maps Help Desk. Our team can assist in a wide variety of areas. Below are a few examples of what we can help with:

  • Assist with pre-sales licensing and technical support
  • Help prepare a quote for Bing Maps
  • Provide sales training and resources
  • Verify accuracy and license compliance of a Bing Maps order
  • Support provisioning process for both renewals and new business
  • Help with escalations (if required) to teams within Microsoft
  • Answer questions about the Bing Maps Terms Of Use
  • Provide support to end customers setting up a Bing Maps account
  • Offer access to resources for developers and end users interested in a Bing Maps trial
  • Assist with development inquiries
  • Field general questions about Bing Maps

If you’d like to utilize Bing Maps API for your organization, contact sales to get started.

Developer Resources

For detailed development queries, check out our developer resources for documentation on how to work with Bing Maps APIs, code samples, and an interactive SDK.

Developer Resources



Can’t find the topic you’re looking for on this list? Consult our detailed FAQ for answers and detailed information on basic concepts Bing Maps API features as well advanced inquiries about geocoding and more.  



Bing Maps levels the playing field for smaller developers and large organizations with a flexible licensing plan that allows everyone to innovate.

Gain access to a suite of versatile, intuitive APIs for free with a Basic key, or, if you’re a large organization handling a high volume of annual transactions, check out the Enterprise key.


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