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SkyLite Systems Delivers a Location-aware App to the LMCC

SkyLite Systems is an award-winning Microsoft partner focused on delivering commercial and custom solutions built around SharePoint and Office 365. Presented with the challenge to develop an agile solution for the Labor Management Compliance Council (LMCC) to complement their SharePoint Case Management tool, SkyLite Systems leveraged Office 365 and Bing Maps to deliver a mobile application that is robust, cost-effective and location aware.

The LMCC is a non-profit organization serving southern California with the purpose to ensure that laws governing public works construction, labor laws, public contract laws, and contractor license laws are enforced. Their Field Investigators (FIs) are active and constantly on the move, visiting job sites, taking pictures, interviewing workers, attending pre-job and pre-bid meetings and more. Putting a powerful mobile application that uses location intelligence in their hands has been a game changer for FIs on the go.

“What we had before was time consuming, and the Field Investigators had to use different components to take the picture, add notes, and upload. With the mobile app SkyLite created, it’s basically all in one. Instead of the FIs having to write everything, they just fill in fields, which makes it easier to add to a current project and/or create a project. For example, the automatic GPS of a project. The app locates the project, and the FI just has to make corrections, if there are any,” says Monika Almada, Labor Compliance Officer with the LMCC.

Replacing an inflexible proprietary system, the new mobile application helps track labor compliance violations, monitor public works projects, and manages a repository of searchable Labor Violation Cases, making it easier for investigators to quickly and accurately create and update cases.

“The app cuts down the time of uploading pictures because it’s automatically set up to go directly to SharePoint Case Management.  Because the app is all in one, it makes the FIs more efficient and accountable for their work, giving them more time to visit job sites,” continues Almada.

We had a chance to connect with Dave Chennault, Partner at SkyLite Systems, to learn more about the application and their experience building with Bing Maps.

What problem did you solve in the LMCC mobile app with Bing Maps?

LMCC conducts site visits and inspections of construction sites to ensure compliance with laws and union rules.  They often capture images or create a new case file when they come across a new project.  In the past, the Field Inspectors saved images into a OneDrive and then back-office staff or the inspectors would create folders of images that were tough to manage and very labor intensive.

The Bing Maps PowerApps Connector is used to get the current Latitude (Lat) and Longitude (Long) and then present the user with a dropdown of case files that are close to that location based upon the Lat and Long stored within a case.  The user can quickly pick the proper case and the images are stored in a SharePoint Doc library behind a PowerApp associated with all Cases for easy access and management.  The Bing Maps Power Apps connector is also used when a user creates a new case.  They create a new case in the PowerApp and hit a button and the Bing Maps connector suggests the Address, City, State, and Zip code based upon the current Lat and Long of a user creating a new case.  Finally, the Bing Maps connector is used to tag the Lat and Long of a new case if a user types in an address or accepts the address suggested by the Bing Maps connector.

Customers Skylite Systems

What was the previous process for entering a new case? How has including Bing Maps in the app helped?

The benefits include easier image association with a given case, simplified new case creation, and improved data collection and accuracy.

LMCC was using an expensive, proprietary third-party custom application only supported by one developer. It was very difficult to get any changes and all management of images was manual and VERY cumbersome. Lat and Long tagging and getting the address based upon the current Lat and Long has simplified management of images and creation of new cases.  It has also improved data accuracy.

What benefits did you see from using Bing Maps?

Low cost, speed of development, deep integration with PowerApps, Flow and Office 365, quality of results and capability.

We know that you have a choice of multiple mapping providers so why did you choose to use Bing Maps over other options?

LMCC is an Office 365 customer and invested in PowerApps, Power Automate, Office 365 and SharePoint.  Bing Maps pricing and the connectors to PowerApps and Power Automate made it the right choice.

Customers Skylite Systems

The combination of Office 365, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate and Bing Maps is UNBEATABLE.  The price, capability, and possibilities are unmatched and head and shoulders above anything in the marketplace. The customer LOVES it and there are MANY customers who could use a similar solution.

To get more details about the LMCC’s solution, read the customer story on Microsoft Tech Community.

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