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Developers who want to try Bing Maps or use maps in apps and experiences with low volume usage can use a Basic Key. Educational institutions and non-profits can also benefit from this free tier.


Organizations developing apps and experiences with high volume usage require an Enterprise Key. Contact our team for licensing support and help getting started.


ISVs and partners who want to embed Bing Maps into an app or service that they will sell can license Bing Maps via our Distributor Program. Licensing support is also available for LSPs and Resellers.


Have licensing questions? Our FAQ includes answers to the most common questions we get about licensing, pricing, and more.

Bing Maps

Developer License

If you want to try out Bing Maps or want to license Bing Maps directly for use in your organization’s application, you can get started for free with a Basic Key. If your usage exceeds the Basic Key limits outlined below, consider getting an Enterprise key.

Basic Key types and parameters

For use with consumer-facing, education, and non-profit applications as well as for internal commercial Windows or Windows Phone applications that qualify for free use.

  • Website (Public and Internal)
  • Mobile App (Not on/for Windows Phone)

125,000 cumulative billable transactions

  • Windows App (Public and Private)
  • Education
  • Non-profit

50,000 cumulative billable transactions within a 24-hour period

  • Development/Testing

125,000 cumulative billable transactions


Get Started Building

You can start building for free with a Basic key. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Sign in to the Bing Maps Dev Center with your existing Microsoft Account or create a new one.
  2. Build something awesome.

Need help?

Have more licensing questions? Go to our FAQ or contact our team of Bing Maps experts.

Bing Maps

Enterprise License

If you want to license Bing Maps directly for use in your organization’s application and your usage limits exceed those for the Basic key, you can license via the Enterprise key.

Enterprise Key

For higher volume consumer applications and internal commercial applications that do not qualify for limited free use. Includes applications used by authenticated enterprise users over a private network and applications used to track, store, query, display or perform calculations using an asset’s GPS position.


  • Public Website

Available without restriction

  • Public Windows App
  • Public Windows Phone App

Over 50,000 cumulative billable transactions within any 24-hour period.

  • Public mobile app (Not on/for Windows Phone)
  • Private website
  • Private Windows app
  • Private Windows Phone app

Over 125,000 cumulative billable transactions per calendar year.

  • Mobile Asset Management
  • Tracking

Refer to the Terms of Use for details on usage and limits. (See Section 2(v) under Volume Licensing).


Need help?

Our team of Bing Maps experts are here to help walk you through licensing options and offer guidance about your technical implementation. Contact a Bing Maps expert.

Bing Maps

Partner License

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or partner that wants to license Bing Maps to embed in a software package or service that you will sell to multiple customers, you can license Bing Maps through the Bing Maps Distributor Program. If you are a Licensing Solutions Partner (LSP) or Reseller, you can get licensing and sales support through the Bing Maps Business Desk.

Bing Maps Distributor Program

The Bing Maps Distributor Program is designed for companies that build and package applications licensed to multiple customers. Licensor/ISV Agreements with Microsoft are managed by an authorized Microsoft Bing Maps Distributor (see below). The primary benefit of the Distributor program is a minimum entry level requirement with the option to add additional users, transactions or assets throughout the duration of the Licensor/ISV Agreement, which are paid for in arrears.

Authorized Bing Maps Distributors

  • N3 

Serving the United States and Canada

Contact N3

  • Grey Matter

Serving all other countries

Contact Grey Matter


Need help?

If you have questions about the Bing Maps Distributor Program, contact the Authorized Bing Maps Distributor supporting your region:

Bing Maps for Enterprise

Get started building powerful location-based applications and experiences with Microsoft’s Bing Maps Platform. Start building for free with a Basic Key or contact our sales team.