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Office Mix, e-Learning and SCORM

Office Mix was originally created to help educators implement new teaching methods, using the simplicity of PowerPoint. Today, we’re proud to announce that Office Mix brings the same benefits to the professional e-Learning community, with support for SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), the industry standard for packaging of digital learning content.

Superpowers for PowerPoint

Office Mix enables you to create interactive online videos using PowerPoint. With Office Mix, you can use PowerPoint to record audio or video using a webcam and microphone, and add digital ink to your slides. You can also embed assessments, polls, interactive simulations and online videos to your mix to increase engagement and assess comprehension by your audience.

Office Mix SCORM 1

Content development and publishing

Typically, e-Learning projects begin with an instructional designer, who uses PowerPoint to create a storyboard of the learning material. The instructional designer then works with the rest of the e-Learning team to author the content and insert short quizzes, or “knowledge checks” for the audience. At the final step, the content is packaged, published and hosted on a learning management system (LMS) for the audience to watch. With this release of Office Mix, we have provided the ability to export mixes to SCORM, so that online lessons can be delivered through compatible Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Authors can simultaneously co-author slide decks using PowerPoint Online and store the files in OneDrive or OneDrive for Business. E-Learning developers will welcome PowerPoint’s ability to easily copy slides from one deck and paste them into another, by building reusable learning objects that can be repurposed in multiple training materials. Then by using Office Mix, they can transform these slide decks into online lessons.

Online and mobile playback

By using SCORM, you can host your content in your organization’s LMS, for playback through a familiar delivery platform for your audience. Of course, you can also invite them to watch the training directly on, and you can even require sign in to protect access to more sensitive training material. You can also embed Office Mix content in thousands of portals and sites using the and oEmbed protocols (see this post for more info), share to social media, or in enterprise platforms like OneDrive for Business and Yammer.

Office Mix also supports mobile playback, so your audience can watch e-Learning material on the go using their iOS, Android and Windows Phone device. Office Mix simplifies this process for authors; you can create content once in PowerPoint, and will ensure it plays well on both the desktop and mobile platforms.

Actionable insights

Content and assessments are only half of the story. Training professionals and educators need the resulting data, so they can measure performance of the audience and gain insights on how to improve the material for future use. The portal makes this process as simple as can be, by reporting results by slide and by assessment. If your audience watches your e-Learning mix while logged in to Office 365, you can also see the results by user. Using these tools, Office Mix delivers actionable insights that can be used to assess knowledge transfer, evaluate learner satisfaction and help content authors discover opportunities to optimize their content.

These are just a few of the changes from prior versions of Office Mix. We’ll be sure to share more features and updates in the future. Follow @OfficeMixTeam on Twitter to stay in touch!

Until next time,

Happy mixing!

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