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Microsoft 365

GM drives ahead with creative collaboration using Microsoft Teams

The GM logo.

Editor’s note 6/26/2018:
This post was updated to reflect GM’s change from Office 365 to Microsoft 365.

By combining modern designs with powerful technology, General Motors is continuously delivering new and exciting products and services. The company is accelerating into new markets—electrification, autonomous, ride-sharing, and other transportation-as-a-service offerings—not to mention the strength and growth of its core businesses globally.

Driving these developments is an influx of new talent, drawn to GM from across the country and around the world. These employees expect the latest IT services in a modern workplace, and Microsoft is one of a select group of technology providers helping the company deliver. We are thrilled that GM chose Microsoft 365 to empower employees with creative communication and collaboration services that spark innovation.

Here’s what Fred Killeen, CTO at GM had to say about Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365:

“Our mission to transform transportation relies on strong teamwork across every aspect of our business. Microsoft Teams enables our employees to connect across geographical and organizational boundaries through a single place to access all the conversations, files, and content. Teams’ integration with the rest of Microsoft 365 and third-party applications and services makes it easier for our employees to find relevant information and do their best work on their own and as a part of a team.”

And as Microsoft works continuously to achieve compliance with global data and other regulations, GM IT staffers can more easily provide employees with a compliant and highly secure technology experience to do their best work. We’re looking forward to watching GM accelerate its advancement toward the forefront of automotive innovation.

—Ron Markezich