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Microsoft 365
5 min read

From intelligent tools built on inclusivity to the latest in Windows—here’s what’s new in Microsoft 365

This month, we’re adding new capabilities to make everyone more comfortable in meetings, feel empowered in the diverse hybrid workplace, and be able to switch devices more easily.

A woman interacting with Microsoft Teams collaborating with a loop component​.
Image for: An image of an African male founder working in conference room location in Ghana.
• 4 min read

Microsoft 365 saves you time and effort with transcription and voice commands in Word

New enhancements in Office apps allow you to harness the power of your voice to spend less time and energy creating your best work, so can focus on what matters most.

Image for: Image of a father and daughter on a couch.
• 11 min read

Introducing the new Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions

The subscription service for your life to make the most of your time, connect, and protect the ones you love.

Image for: Image of the new Surface Pro X with Earbuds.
• 5 min read

Microsoft 365 makes work and play more intuitive and natural with innovations in voice, digital ink, and touch

Last week we announced several new capabilities that bring new inking capabilities to our Office apps, including Inking in Slide Show while in PowerPoint on the web and Ink Replay to bring your presentations to life. Today, I’m excited to share our progress with you on a set of innovations to help people be more productive when away from their desk utilizing voice, digital pen, and touch across Office 365 and our Surface devices.

Image for: Image of four coworkers collaborating in an office.
• 8 min read

New people-centered experiences in Microsoft 365, the world’s productivity cloud

Leveraging the power of the Microsoft Graph, we’re introducing new people-centered experiences in Microsoft 365 to help you work smarter across apps and devices.

Image for: Image of an office of tech workers using Microsoft Office products.
• 6 min read

Microsoft Office brings you new privacy controls

Updates to Office privacy controls provide more transparency and clarity about data collection, and options for both users and admins.

Image for: Image of three workers looking at a laptop.
• 4 min read

New to Microsoft 365 in March—tools to enable teamwork and enhance security in the workplace

This month, we released new features in Microsoft 365 to help you boost teamwork, save time, and streamline your IT management.

Image for: Image of twins sitting at a table, each with a laptop open.
• 1 min read

The Twins Challenge: Office 365 crushes Office 2019

To test our claim that Office 365 can save you time and make work easy, we pitted our own software suites—Office 2019 and Office 365—against each other in a head-to-head showdown.

Image for: Image of a man checking his phone.
• 3 min read

Introducing new features in Microsoft 365 to help prepare for the next wave of privacy regulations

New Microsoft 365 features help organizations deliver on privacy and compliance commitments in a simple, integrated, and intelligent way.

Image for: Image of a worker using Office 365 on her Mac.
• 1 min read

Office 365 for Mac is available on the Mac App Store

Today, Office 365—with modern, cloud-connected versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive—is now available to download as a bundle on the Mac App Store.

Image for: Image of a man sitting on a countertop with a laptop in his lap.
• 3 min read

New to Microsoft 365 in December—AI-powered tools to help you create your best work

New AI-powered features across Microsoft 365 enable you to reach broader audiences, increase your efficiency, and focus on your most important tasks.

Image for: New to Microsoft 365 in November—tools to keep you in your workflow and fine-tune content
• 3 min read

New to Microsoft 365 in November—tools to keep you in your workflow and fine-tune content

This month, we released new features in Microsoft 365 that help users stay focused in their workflow while delivering richer, more engaging content.

Image for: Two coworkers look over a document on a tablet.
• 2 min read

Collaborate with others and keep track of to-dos with new AI features in Word

Most employees leave notes, to-dos, and placeholders in their Word documents while writing. New features for Microsoft Word for Mac Insiders Fast builds on this behavior to help you collaborate with others and get the information you need without leaving your Word document.