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Save costs and drive efficiency with next-generation AI on the frontline.

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Microsoft Teams for your frontline workforce

Unify your organization’s communications and business processes for frontline workers onto one secure platform.

Three mobile displays of a Dashboard in Teams, an issue report being created and a Home Feed in Viva Engage.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams 1

Transform your entire workforce

About 78% of leaders said that equipping frontline workers with technology is key to success.2

  • Three frontline workers standing proudly.

    Empower your frontline for the future of work with Teams

    Provide frontline workers with tools that give them flexibility, a sense of purpose, and the right knowledge to improve business outcomes.

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    Give workers flexibility to focus on what matters

    Help frontline workers spend more time on crucial processes and customer interactions, and less time on manual tasks and schedule conflicts.

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    Help people embrace your company mission

    Create brand ambassadors and operation champions by recognizing great work and empowering your frontline with tools to align them to company goals.

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    Provide the right knowledge at the right time

    Exceed business expectations by making it easy to onboard new employees, share insights, and collect great ideas on the ground.

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  • Facilitate frontline workforce communication and connection

    Connect deskless workers with the right people, tools, and knowledge to get their job done.

    Centralize access to key resources and tools

    Provide agile teams with streamlined access to what frontline workers need, like company news, apps, and resources in a single, branded destination.

    Create a single platform for teamwork

    Enable your teams to share rich information and communicate effectively with tools like messaging, emails, calls, file sharing, channels, push- to- talk communication.

    Ensure important communications reach the frontline

    Enable leadership to communicate to the frontline with targeted announcements relevant for specific frontline locations, departments, or roles.

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  • Digitize frontline operations and processes

    Automate tasks and industry processes, schedule shifts with digital workflows, and create a simple, easy-to-use unified platform for your workforce.

    Streamline processes with customizable or configurable apps

    Solve business challenges with configurable, out-of-the-box apps or easily customizable apps that digitize manual and fragmented processes.

    Two mobile displays showing details for a list of tasks assigned to a user and shift details for a user.

    Empower workers with flexible scheduling

    Enable frontline workers to self-serve with a shifts marketplace that allows them to swap shifts, request time off, and clock in and out.

    Two displays of a dashboard in Viva Connections and a list of available apps such as Approvals, Shifts, Walkie Talkie, Tasks, Updates, Virtual Appointments and Time clock.

    Provide one platform for your frontline apps

    Add or integrate the services your frontline workers use most into one location for easy access.

    A Fragrance Sales Performance review in Teams.

    Get critical insights from the frontline

    Help the frontline make informed decisions with self-service analytics while giving leadership teams a holistic view of frontline performance.

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  • Three mobile displays of a list of retail trainings in Viva Learning, badges in a community and a home feed in Viva Engage.

    Use social, intranet, learning, and wellbeing features

    Empower frontline workers to engage in company culture and acquire new skills to increase employee retention and create a sense of belonging.

    A mobile display of a user’s communities in Viva Engage.

    Facilitate dialogue across leadership and the frontline

    Spark meaningful connections across the entire workforce with tools that foster an open dialogue and help frontline workers express themselves.

    A mobile display of a catalog search in Viva Learning and a desktop display of different trainings in Viva Learning.

    Simplify training, onboarding, and continuous learning

    Allow frontline managers to meet team or role-specific training and onboarding needs with curated collections of learning content.

    A mobile display of praise being sent over a Teams chat and a desktop display of the homepage in Viva Insights.

    Promote expression, recognition, and accessibility

    Increase morale among frontline teams and employees by encouraging peer recognition, supporting wellbeing, and providing tools for self-expression.

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  • Help protect your workforce

    Protect your business with built-in security and compliance across identities, emails, apps, and endpoints.

    Four mobile devices showing how to sign in and out of a shared device securely.

    Help secure identities and access

    Centralize visibility and control of your frontline workers, devices, and apps by enforcing remote access policies.

    Three mobile displays showing the secure sign in process for Office.

    Easily deploy frontline solutions at scale

    Deploy seamlessly and create consistent and personalized end user experiences, whether through out-of-the-box experiences or by customizing to your business needs.

    A dashboard in Microsoft 365 Defender showing active actions, threats and more.

    Help prevent and detect attacks across your organization

    Detect and respond to attacks like phishing and ransomware across identities, emails, apps, and endpoints, as well as control the use of shadow IT by quickly restricting compromised users with a unified solution.

    An alert showing a threat for data loss being highlighted in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

    Protect and govern data to stay in compliance

    Classify, protect, and prevent sharing of sensitive content wherever it lives—in messages, emails, files, apps, or devices.

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Our frontline devices partners

See how organizations are empowering frontline workers with Teams

Boots Opticians

Boots Opticians uses Microsoft Teams to keep frontline workforce seeing 20/20 for improved customer care.

The outside of a Boots store.


"Beauty advisors are the people in the organization who know our consumers best. The fact that they can use Teams to exchange their insights among their colleagues and with headquarters is a big win."

Cyril Chapuy: President of L’Oréal Luxe, L’Oréal

Two medical professionals in a hospital wearing PPE looking at a tablet

Get Microsoft Teams today

Your frontline workforce is essential to your business. Invest in them with simple, intuitive solutions from Teams and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 F1

Originally starting from $2.25 now starting from $2.25

$2.25 $2.25


(Annual commitment)

  • Lay the foundation for secure communication.

  • Microsoft Teams

  • SharePoint, Microsoft Viva Engage, Viva Connections, and Viva Learning

  • OneDrive

  • Mobile and web versions of Microsoft 365 apps3

Microsoft 365 F3

Originally starting from $8.00 now starting from $8.00

$8.00 $8.00


(Annual commitment)

  • Drive secure frontline operational efficiency.

    Everything in Microsoft 365 F1, plus:

  • Power Apps

  • Power Automate

  • Outlook, web access only

  • Enhanced security, compliance, identity, and management

  • Windows


Unlock a new future for frontline workers

New data shows that now is the time to empower frontline workers with the right digital tools.

A coffee shop employee using a pen and tablet.

The future of frontline work

Prepare your frontline workforce for the era of AI with helpful Microsoft solutions.

Tech updates for frontline with product screens for Viva Connections, Dynamics 365 Field Service and Windows 365 Frontline

Learn how to deploy your frontline

Help your frontline workers onboard, start their day, and focus on what matters most in their role.

A person wearing a mask breaking out of a mold and using a mobile phone.

Redefine your frontline

Learn why leaders should redefine how they view and value frontline workers in a new world of work.

An employee wearing an apron and a mask looking down at a mobile phone.

Envision frontline worker solutions

Discover guidance, best practices, and resources to implement simple, intuitive, and secure solutions.

Two coworkers in a car wearing safety vests and hardhats looking at a tablet.

Browse training resources

Check out videos and step-by-step guidance on how to use Shifts, Tasks, Walkie talkie, and other apps and features.

Get started with Microsoft Teams today

  • [1] The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Teams As A Unified Platform For Communication And Collaboration. A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned by Microsoft, April 2023.
  • [2] The Physical, Virtual Future of Retail: A Better In-Store Experience for Connected Consumers. A Harvard Business Review Analytic Services briefing paper, February 2018.
  • [3] Microsoft 365 mobile app limited to devices with integrated screens 10.9” diagonally or less.

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